Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate room for you!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed bedroom, you’re in luck because Vault Collectibles at the Lakeland Antique Mall in Lakeland, Fla., is selling the pirate room props and furniture from Walt Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Photo courtesy of Vault Collectibles

In June 2022, we learned the resort’s 384 pirate-themed guest rooms are set to be replaced, but thanks to Vault Collectibles, fans of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films can get their hands on these pirate treasures – even the carpet, which features the Mao Kun Map from “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”

“We believe these are pieces that people will love and could make a great addition to anyone’s home or collection,” said Eric Zinkann, owner of Vault Collectibles, which specializes in props from Disney, Universal, and Busch Gardens theme parks, as well as comic books, comic art, movie and TV props, and other collectibles.

Most of the items in the pirate rooms will be available for purchase, including the Jack Sparrow picture, pirate room divider curtain, bathroom mirror (featuring skull medallions), shower curtain with pirate ship design, crate dresser, chest dresser, barrel shape nightstand, large wood barrel, table with compass design, chairs, hanging chandelier light fixture, bathroom wall-mount light fixture, coat rack, pirate beds, and, of course, the carpet.

Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room
Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room
Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room
Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room - Table and Chairsw
Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room - Bathroom
Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room - Bathroom Mirror Detail
Photos courtesy of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

“The carpet it is very large, so we plan to make smaller rugs with certain design elements,” Zinkann told us. “Each will be unique and almost one of a kind. Some will have the pirate ship in the center, and some will have skulls, mermaids, and treasure chests on them.”

Zinkann noted that the renovation has just started, so stock may be limited during the project’s duration. In addition, prices will range, so he recommends reaching out to Vault Collectibles directly for pricing. Once available, the pirate room pieces will be for sale in the Lakeland Antique Mall store, on eBay, and through Facebook.   

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