Wrestlers Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers bring their ‘Major Wrestling Figures Podcast’ to Orlando for a live taping | Things to Do | Orlando

Image courtesy Big WF Podcast/Fb

“The 40 Year Old Virgin … that stigma was there for so extensive of that male, that virgin, with all those people action figures on display. But that’s my residence! I’m not a virgin!” When ripped professional-wrestler Matt Cardona proudly proclaims that, couple of will dare snicker.

The previous (and probably potential) WWE star balances his wrestling everyday living with an ever more obsessive pastime: collecting wrestling action figures. And he is turned it into a amazingly compelling and wildly preferred podcast with previous-tag group partner Bryan Myers and “Good” Mark Sterling,

“The Main Wrestling Figure Podcast.” In involving jokey macho posturing about “broskis” and PBR, the podcast is amusing and personal with a deeply skewed and self-deprecating sense of humor. Aside from, who won’t like a great quest narrative? (In this case, for their “grail” action figures.) The trio return to the Tin Roof on Saturday afternoon for a live taping — promising specific attendees like — and it will get uproarious.

3 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 21, Tin Roof, 8371 Global Push, majorwfpod.com, $35-$100.