World Champion ice carvers wow crowds at Ohio events

CLEVELAND — The winter is the perfect time to chill and a group of carvers in Ohio knows how to keep things on ice. World champion carver Jeff Meyers is a part of the team at Elegant Ice Creations (EIC).

What You Need To Know

  • World champion ice carvers will perform in Downtown Vermilion Saturday at the Ice A Fair festival
  • Elegant Ice Creations will perform four demonstrations Saturday, starting at noon
  • The carvers have performed demonstrations across the U.S., including at NBA championships
  • 65 ice sculptures will be on hand at the event

“I just love the art of carving,” said Meyers. “You’re taking a liquid, making it a solid, and then turning it into something beautiful.”

Elegant Ice Creations makes sculptures and carvings of all sizes for events in northeast Ohio and beyond. Their ice has wowed spectators at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, NBA championships and international competitions in Alaska.

“There is no limit to what we can do,” said Ken Diederich, EIC vice president. “Ice carving is very unique, it’s a niche market but the people who are looking for it are just as niche as us.”

While most carvings are done in-house, Elegant Ice Creations often takes the show on the road allowing others to experience the wonder of live carvings.

“How many times do you get to see giant pieces of ice sculpted or worked into something that is interactive,” said Meyers. “We create carvings that you can get up close and personal with.”

On Feb. 5, Meyers and the team are heading to Downtown Vermilion for Ice A Fair. The annual event features more than 50 sculptures, carving demonstrations and a fire and ice show.