Worcester girl makes appearance in ‘Hocus Pocus 2’

Kellie Tomekowou, a 5-year-old from Worcester, landed a extra role in “Hocus Pocus 2,” a sequel of one of the most well-known Halloween movies of all time about three witch sisters who return after 300 years to stir up trouble. 

“I’m so excited about this. I have watched “Hocus Pocus” since I was a little girl,” Caroline Tomekowou said. “There is not a Halloween season that goes by that I don’t watch it.”

Its been 29 years since the first movie was released. For some people, like Kellie’s mom, Caroline, the new film is a walk down memory lane.

“I was like, is this real? Could this be? It just felt very full circle,” she said. “This is just a different part of the way the movie has been a part of my life.”

The Tomekowou family lives in Worcester where Kellie is in kindergarten. She appeared in the film as a preschooler during a Halloween festival scene. 

“She got to wear a costume, she was a bunny, ” Tomekowou said. 

The filming was in Newport, Rhode Island, just a few days after Halloween last year. Tomekowou said being on set was an experience unlike anything the two have been a part of before.

“It was really interesting. We had a bicyclist and a couple drinking their coffee and every time they had to start their scene over because it was a group of kids, they had to walk back down the street and come back,” she said. 

Acting and modeling are just two of Kellie’s hobbies. Since filming for “Hocus Pocus 2” she’s booked two other print jobs.

“Its brought a lot of fun and confidence into their life,” Tomekowou said. “[I] think we are going to continue to give them the opportunity to see where it goes just like we do with dance and softball.”​