What’s up With the No-fly Zones Above Disney Theme Parks?

The modern bill passed in Florida to dissolve the Reedy Creek Advancement District has seemingly prompted Texas Congressman Troy Nehls to question the existence of the no-fly zone previously mentioned the Walt Disney Planet and Disneyland Resorts.

In a letter Nehls sent to the Section of Transportation, he pointed out that other theme park competitors in the space(s) which includes Common do not have no-fly zones established up and expressed his need to have the evaluate reconsidered. When it was originally established up, the no-fly zone was supposed to be temporary but was afterwards built everlasting.

In his letter, he goes on to say, “…measures built for preserving our nationwide stability and public basic safety need to not be co-opted by organizations looking to get.”

The no-fly zone states aircraft can be no nearer than an altitude of 3,000 toes and a 3-mile radius from the center of Magic Kingdom.

Congress set up the no-fly zone back again in 2003 in reaction to the terrorist attacks that took spot on September 11, 2001 and it is unclear why it’s out of the blue coming into dilemma at this stage.