What Would You Envision For Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary?

This Oct 1st marks 50 several years of Walt Disney Environment, which opened back in 1971. On February 19th, Disney launched some details on the celebration, with much more to occur. You can study all about it below. So significantly, it appears beautiful, but I’m nevertheless concerned. With the COVID-19 virus and budget cuts, we’ve sadly noticed a wide variety of removals and delays through Walt Disney Globe. It’s upsetting to assume about, so I want to emphasis on anything pleasurable. I’m likely to envision what I imagine would be wonderful to see for the anniversary. In an perfect globe with the most effective funds and no COVID-19, what would you envision for Disney World’s 50th anniversary?

1. Nighttime Parade at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was the to start with park to open, so it warrants the most treatment for the 50th. It requires a nighttime parade back. It is a shame there hasn’t been a person because the very long-standing Major Road Electrical Parade in 2016. In advance of that was another preferred, SpectroMagic, which sadly finished in 2010. A nighttime parade is lengthy overdue, and the 50th anniversary would be an superb time to carry it back. Potentially it could be a combine of SpectroMagic, Disneyland’s Paint the Night time, and the Electrical Parade. A perfect way to conclusion the day stuffed with beloved typical characters from the park and films.

*Missing the SpectroMagic parade at Magic Kingdom

2. New Daytime Parades for the 4 Parks

Back again with the 100 Decades of Magic in 2001, parades had been seen in all 4 parks: Share A Dream Arrive Correct at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT’s Tapestry of Desires, Disney Stars and Motor Cars and trucks at Hollywood Studios (MGM Studios then), and Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom. They were uniquely themed to healthy the park. It would be excellent to have one particular in all four parks once more. This time, just about every one particular could be themed to rejoice the heritage and magic of the park. Magic Kingdom ought to have a distinctive one like their 25th anniversary’s Don’t forget the Magic parade. Provide in sights like Haunted Mansion, Place Bear Jamboree, Jungle Cruise, and much more. I assume a good deal of people today would love to see a parade back in the other 3 parks, way too.

*Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom unfortunately shut in 2014

3. Shows of History during Walt Disney Entire world

As a Disney supporter, it would be unbelievable to see minimal exhibits in the course of Walt Disney Entire world displaying historical past and memorabilia. This could be in spots like the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs. For occasion, Magic Kingdom can have a little place on Principal Avenue, U.S.A., to present its background very similar to Walt Disney Provides-Walt Disney: One Man’s Desire. Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios gives friends a chance to study more about Walt Disney’s lifestyle and journey. Sites like the Modern and Polynesian resorts that are celebrating their 50th really should explain to their tales. Company would adore to see and learn about the resort’s previous in the course of their remain. A exhibit for EPCOT would be fascinating considering that Walt Disney himself to start with conceived his dream for EPCOT before passing absent. These reveals can be long term for long term generations to see as well.

*Hollywood Studios’ Walt Disney Presents

4. Specific Magic Kingdom Fireworks and Castle Projection Demonstrates

Happily Ever After fireworks are pretty, but I imagine Magic Kingdom really should do a exclusive, constrained-time firework show to commemorate the 50 several years. The fireworks, together with projections on the castle, could showcase some of Disney World’s background. The audio could characteristic some of the points of interest from the park. They could have brief projection shows, much like what we saw through the 2020 holiday break year. It could existing unique castle appears to be like in the course of the years, which includes the 25th anniversary cake castle. Also, it could show photograph and video segments of Magic Kingdom given that its opening.

5. Opening Delayed Attractions and Cleansing Up the Parks

It would be fantastic to see some delayed assignments open up up for the 50th, like House 220 and TRON Lightcycle. TRON would be an excellent addition to Magic Kingdom’s 50th. Also, I seriously hope that EPCOT’s building clears up a bit in time for the celebration. It is, unfortunately, an eyesore in the entrance of the park. EPCOT is the second oldest park at Disney Entire world, with its 40th birthday coming up future calendar year. It deserves to seem its finest for the anniversary.

These are some suggestions I would love to see for the 50th. It’s a bit much-fetched and most most likely not possible, but I just hope no make any difference what, it’s going to be stunning! Stay tuned to this internet site for additional upcoming data on this 18-month celebration. What are your views on what you would like to see for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary?