What Embarrassing Disney Souvenirs Hide In Your Closet?

Do you have any Disney souvenirs that make you cringe just a very little?

Come on. Acknowledge it. Let us have a chuckle above some of the Goofy stuff purchased even though on a Disney-higher, on sale, or all through that stress to “buy something” on the last working day of vacation. I’ll go to start with. 

#1 A Spirit Jersey

I think Spirit Jerseys seem lovely on younger and peppy people—both of which I am not. 

Through a latest spring chilly snap, I threw on my Spirit Jersey (it’s pale pink, UP-themed, with PARADISE FALLS distribute across the chest). The reaction from household and neighbors was priceless. “What are you donning?” was the most prevalent retort, and not in a awesome way. 

Alright. It is not the most flattering piece of apparel I have. Moreover, I loathe to acknowledge that I paid out the comprehensive price for it (about $70). But it is so damn relaxed. I simply cannot purge it, but I vow hardly ever to be photographed in it.

#2 Princess Dolls

I’m not a doll collector nor do have kiddos who are into Barbies. So, why do I own 3 Princess dolls and all accessible outfits? I have no plan. 

I each appreciate them and am mystified as to why I have them. Are they the memento I would’ve preferred when I was 7 years previous? Do I want a therapist?

(As a side be aware, kudos to Disney for the new plastic-totally free packaging for the Vintage Dolls. The new packing containers are fantastic!)

#3 Grogu Socks

Don’t forget when The Mandalorian first came out and there was very minor products? If I recall issues accurately, the initial “newborn Yoda” swag out there was a tumbler, a telephone circumstance, and socks.

Even though I should have waited for cuter stuff, I panicked and went for the socks. Reflecting again, it was a miscalculation. Those people Grogu socks are a hard glance (and a minor scratchy).

#4 The Memento Straw

For all those of us 1,200 miles away from Walt Disney Globe, Disney On Ice is a way to get a very little correct. The souvenirs at the clearly show are rather expensive, but it had been so long considering the fact that I experienced last been to Disney that I reported indeed to a $12 Mickey Mouse flip cup that held only 6 ounces of liquid. 

The cup’s not the memento I’m embarrassed about, however. It’s the coordinating Mickey straw that I had to pay back excess to have.

Seriously. A straw? Has not my useless collection of “glow cubes” taught me nearly anything about wasting cash on consume insert-ons?

#5 The Jungle Ebook 2

Certainly! On sale, I acquired a DVD of the worst animated Disney movie of all time (in accordance to its Rotten Tomatoes rating of 18%). I desire I could say that I did this to comprehensive a selection, but regrettably, there are plenty of highly-rated classics I never have and in all probability must have expended my funds on. 

Luckily, I can say that the vast the vast majority of my Disney buys provide me more pleasure than unease. I have created some errors. Which is for positive. But a minor retail treatment at Disney now and once more is really worth the consequences of finding out the occasional lemon.

What uncomfortable Disney souvenirs are hiding in your closet?