Valhalla returns to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for 2023

Valhalla initially opened in 2000, and the UK park spent £4 million (nearly $5M) reimagining the attraction with enhancements, including technology upgrades (both modern and environmentally-sustainable). Technical rehearsals will begin in April. 

“We know how long fans have been waiting for us to announce the reopening of Valhalla, and we’re confident they won’t be disappointed with our reimagining of one of the country’s best-loved rides,” said Amanda Thompson, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. “The team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to have the famous Valhalla waterfall back on in the park once more.”

“One of the country’s best-loved rides”

The attraction’s story involves riders following Ivàr the Viking on a voyage through the afterlife.

“We appreciate our guests’ patience as we’ve carried out this huge project, working alongside countless industry experts to enhance ride experience and give guests a well-deserved surprise,” added Adam Selvin, director of creative, design, and experience at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. “The legend has returned to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and we couldn’t be more excited.”