Using an ECV at Disney? Let’s Rank the Available Transportation Options!

1. Ferry boat – Seven Seas Lagoon

7 Seas Lagoon Ferry

This was by far the simplest method of transportation. The ramp onto the ferry is extremely wide. It’s not quite steep. The moment you’re on the ferry, it is effortless to navigate around the principal deck. You can easily park toward the heart of the boat, or pull up to both aspect railing for a wonderful view across the lake. Sadly, until you are traveling from Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian Vacation resort, this will possibly be the method of transportation utilized the the very least for on-web-site visitors, unless of course you introduced your possess car and selected to park at the Transportation and Ticket Centre. It is good to have choices!

2. Monorail

We appreciate a monorail!

The Disney monorail is a near next in regard to relieve of navigation. The primary loading platform is quickly obtainable by way of elevator at the a few monorail resorts (Present-day, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian) and the EPCOT monorail station, or by way of ramp at the Transportation & Ticket Heart and the Magic Kingdom monorail station. My only issue with the monorail was that the ramp on/off the monorail by itself was a tiny steep, and in most scenarios you have to back again your ECV out of the monorail car or truck. It just about felt like I was going to tumble backwards when backing out of the monorail automobile. Driving ahead would be so a great deal more simple, but regrettably, you are not supplied that option. They also really frown on you striving to flip your ECV close to when in the monorail auto. Yes, I attempted. No, I wasn’t productive.

The Magic Kingdom monorail circles Seven Seas Lagoon, building stops at the earlier mentioned outlined resorts, Magic Kingdom, and the Transportation & Ticket Center. To entry the EPCOT monorail, you will will need to disembark the Magic Kingdom monorail at the Transportation & Ticket Centre and board the EPCOT monorail. The EPCOT monorail travels concerning the Transportation & Ticket Center and EPCOT only.

3. Friendship boats – Crescent Lake resorts/EPCOT/Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Crescent Lake Vacation resort Friendship Boat

The Friendship boats had been practically a tie with the monorail, but with 1 slightly harrowing exception. Do not get me incorrect, accessing the Friendship boat is pretty simple! Once you are on the boat, the location to park a wheelchair or ECV is generous to maneuver in or turn all around. In this article are my two troubles: Very first, the ramp from the dock to the boat is just huge plenty of for an ECV. There’s not substantially wiggle home if you’re not lined up appropriately. Second, at a couple of destinations when leaving the boat on to the dock, the moment you exit the ramp, it’s a difficult remaining turn to continue to be on the dock, else you chance plummeting into the lake. It is smart to change the velocity dial down to turtle for this one.

These boats journey in a circle among EPCOT – Worldwide Gateway, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Swan and Dolphin Resorts, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort , Disney’s Seaside Club Vacation resort, and Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. Or you can acquire the strolling route from any of these resorts to possibly of the above mentioned topic parks. Once again, it is fantastic to have selections!

4. Disney Skyliner

Disney Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner is virtually a desire appear accurate for individuals touring in a wheelchair or ECV. With the different loading region, you really don’t have to fear about using too significantly time and receiving impatient glares from people who just genuinely want to get going. Yes, you can acquire all the time you require and the moment you are in and positioned, then your gondola will be staged to sign up for the main line. My only challenge with the Skyliner is that the opening for the double doorways is quite slender. There is hardly more than enough wiggle space to back again your ECV out of the gondola, and indeed, you do have to again out. Entering the gondola is uncomplicated: you push straight in and then a forged member will place wheel chocks against the back tires. Backing out can be a challenge. My approach, and I’m fortuitous to be equipped to do this, was to put the ECV into manual manner, press it again toward the doorways, and then force it out from inside of the automobile. Granted, I’ve also been yelled at various time for this system. Solid associates can guideline you out of the gondola if essential.

Keep in intellect, the Disney Skyliner has stations at EPCOT – Worldwide Gateway, Hollywood Studios, Riviera Resort, Caribbean Seashore Vacation resort, and Artwork of Animation/Pop Century (they share a station). All of these stations have a different loading spot for wheelchair/ECV friends besides Riviera.

5. Disney bus

The excellent ol’ bus!

The Disney bus is the bread and butter of the transportation community the one particular that goes nearly everywhere you go on assets. You need to get somewhere? There’s possibly a bus going that way. As such, the bus drivers have enough experience with ECV and wheelchair attendees and are pretty practical in aiding. There is only two challenges listed here with using the bus: parking, and exiting. Having on the bus is fairly effortless, but you do truly have to be straight climbing the ramp. Having said that, parallel parking into one of two spots is difficult. The second spot, in my knowledge, (the a single reverse the doors) is the much easier of the two. Let’s be honest although, parallel parking in general is challenging and annoying. Acquiring to do it on a bus is even extra demanding. As if that was not bad plenty of, in purchase to exit the bus, you have to pull ahead out of the location and then back up into a 90-degree change to be ready to accessibility the ramp out of the bus, and like the Friendship boats, this ramp is barely extensive enough. I have almost tumbled out a couple occasions since I wasn’t lined up appropriately. As the drivers will also tell you, carry on driving straight off the ramp until all the wheels are on the pavement before turning the ECV or you hazard tipping over. This pretty much transpired to me. Nearly.

6. Disney Springs drinking water taxi

Disney Springs Boat

Distinctive from the Friendship boats or the 7 Seas Lagoon boats, these water taxis are like a substantial pontoon boat that travels to Disney Springs from resorts this kind of as Saratoga Springs, Old Important West, Port Orleans French Quarter, and Port Orleans Riverside. Considering that they are lesser, they are a little extra tough to drive onto or off of, but when on the water taxi, parking and maneuvering is fairly quick. Because of the scaled-down waterways they navigate, you are much more inclined to dealing with waves and boat rocking when making an attempt to enter and exit, but normally it was not too terrible.

7. Resort h2o taxi

Available boat (still left). Non-accessible boat (right).

I’ve only encountered this method personally when keeping at Wilderness Lodge. At the time, drinking water taxi transportation was the only manner readily available from Wilderness Lodge to Magic Kingdom. In addition, they had two forms of drinking water taxis running back and forth: ECV-obtainable, and not. If a h2o taxi arrives and it’s not the ECV-available a single, you experienced to go to the aspect and wait around for the subsequent water taxi. Not ideal if you’re operating late or are typically impatient. Even so, in contrast to the Friendship boats, these were the most hard in an ECV. I believed I would enter on an angle and push straight to the open up region and park. Rather the opposite. They experienced me generate onto the h2o taxi and then navigate a slender corridor around the entrance (wherever the captain stands) to the reverse aspect and park over there. It was incredibly narrow and I acquired hung up on one thing twice. I’m lucky very little broke off. I totally hated it! Then, like the Friendship boats, when I drove off the h2o taxi and on to the dock, I experienced to very carefully switch difficult proper in order to not hazard driving off the dock into the lake. Compared with the Friendship boats, nonetheless, there is no ramp to navigate. You are pretty much driving off the drinking water taxi straight on to the dock, so there will be times of the boat bouncing with the waves. This did not seem quite harmless to me.

To the very best of my awareness, ECV available water taxi transportation is also offered from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom. Even so, it is not readily available from Magic Kingdom to the Present-day, Polynesian, or Grand Floridian resorts (the monorail is, however).