‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ debuts on Netflix

AUSTIN, Texas — Looking for something to binge on this weekend? The weather in Austin is going to cool down significantly, so you might choose to experience the capital city from inside your home.

“Twentysomethings: Austin” made its debut on Netflix on Friday. The reality show, which earlier seemed to be called “Roaring Twenties,” is focused on eight strangers who move into a house in Austin.

Sound familiar?

It should because it’s more or less the same plot as MTV’s long-running “The Real World.” In fact, the 16th season of that show was set in Austin and ran in 2005.

According to Netflix, the show was shot earlier this fall and the cast members “learn to navigate the ‘new normal’ of America today.”

Eight strangers will become roommates when they share a house in Austin, Texas and learn to navigate the ‘new normal’ of America today.

Filmed in the Fall of 2021, Roaring Twenties is a new reality show premiering December 10 pic.twitter.com/1eRaZ43Ahw

— Netflix (@netflix) November 15, 2021

For those interested in streaming, E! News provided cast bios.