Trekking Through Rainbow Springs State Park

DUNNELLON, Fla. — The seems of hurry water can be heard as a result of the lush foliage of Rainbow Springs State Park. 

What You Want To Know

  • Rainbow Springs State Park started out off as an amusement park
  • Now it is dwelling to quite a few animals, like otters, alligators and a lot more
  • The park is very preferred in the summer 

At first opened as an amusement park in the 1930s, it was turned into a point out park in the early ’90s, but you can obtain remnants of its past. 

Previous monorail cables nevertheless hold substantial higher than the floor, and you can find dozens of old cages the place zoo animals when lived, furthermore, the old park’s a few male-built waterfalls.

These are aged cages for the animals that after lived at the roadside attraction part of the park. @MyNews13 @BN9

— Caitlin Wilson (@CaitlinWilsonTV) March 22, 2021

The spring itself makes 6 hundred million gallons of new water a day. You can consider in the crystal obvious water down by the swimming hole or take a winding journey as a result of its many boardwalk trails that lead to some severely outstanding sights. 

“When people today see the million-dollar watch, their faces gentle up. This is one particular of the couple places on Earth you can see the birthplace of a river and it is just wonderful,” Condition Park Ranger Thea Knott claimed. 

Rainbow Springs Condition Park is extremely well-known in the summer time and on weekends as it fills up to capacity by 9 a.m.

Officials propose coming in the course of a weekday in the recent spring period to defeat the crowds and the heat.

Rainbow Springs State Park is a vision! So a great deal organic magnificence and historical past in this article. Just before it was a condition park it was a person of Florida’s early roadside attractions.. they had rides, a zoo, loads of things! You can now discover remnants of the deserted attraction by means of out the park

— Caitlin Wilson (@CaitlinWilsonTV) March 22, 2021