Touring belly dance troupe Disco Iskandar perform at Orlando’s Stardust Video next week | Things to Do | Orlando

Picture courtesy Disco Iskandar/Facebook

Disco Iskandar performs at Stardust upcoming week

There is just so considerably that some dudes and guitars can consider you. Tummy dancers, nonetheless, are an totally distinctive make any difference. In reality, stomach dancing is a grand and historical variety that melds system and audio into an intoxicating singularity thaaat … sorry, just received mesmerized there with the mere assumed of it.

Anyway, Disco Iskandar is a nationally touring stomach dance firm dependent in L.A. and Austin.

This, even so, will be a distinctive homecoming clearly show for director and erstwhile Floridian Veronica Lynn. Go be entranced by a total-firm generation filled with costumes and, sure, them moves.

(7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17, Stardust Video & Espresso, $15)