This new Netflix dating show is straight up bonkers, and I’ll probably watch all of it

Reader, we have a hit a new lower in this nation, and it will take type in a new Netflix relationship exhibit that sounds so crazy, I truly are unable to imagine it is real.

As you can see in the above photograph, that is a individual dressed up as a mouse, and sure, they are on a day.

The display, creepily known as “Sexy Beasts,” is as if Netflix’s other mad courting display “Love Is Blind” (which was really fantastic) and “The Masked Singer” had a new reality Tv set show little one.

Like “Love Is Blind,” the contestants on this courting present won’t be able to see each individual other even though dating and slipping in like, but in its place of acquiring to know each and every other among a wall, the contestants wear masks and prosthetics on their faces to seem like, well, beasts.

Which is right. An owl and a fox enjoying drinks at a brewery. A panda and an alien accomplishing axe-throwing. A rhino and a dolphin obtaining a passionate day on a carriage experience. Just thoroughly ordinary points, proper?


When you check out the trailer for “Sexy Beasts,” you actually have to question by yourself if this is a joke.

Sadly, dear reader, this clearly show is incredibly genuine, and arrives to Netflix on July 21.

The full issue is that the contestants will fall in adore with the person’s character and not their appears to be, but just seeing from the trailer that some of the contestants are conventionally attractive just ruins the exhibit.

It was the same criticism that “Love Is Blind” experienced. What is the point of getting a courting Television present exactly where seems to be are not crucial, when it is full of people who have outstanding bodies and fantastic appearances?

At the similar time, this Television set exhibit appears to be like totally bonkers, and following the previous yr and 50 percent we’ve had, some pure escapism like this could possibly be just what the doctor requested.

Do I actually need to watch one twenty-somethings go on lavish dates dressed in total-on beast make-up? Totally not. But Netflix positive has a way of getting us to look at completely ridiculous articles.


And contemplating that some of the contestants from “Love Is Blind” are nevertheless together and married, probably the individuals on “Sexy Beasts” will have similar luck. Only time will tell.

You can observe the trailer for “Sexy Beasts” beneath, if you dare.