The Land Crusher Sandwich at Sunshine Seasons

All through a latest check out to EPCOT, Craig stopped by Sunshine Seasons inside of The Land pavilion in Foreseeable future Entire world to have a chunk to take in.

Their menu, even though quite little, has been a fan-preferred for several years and usually all people in your get together is ready to discover a little something to accommodate their fancy Craig determined on The Land Crusher.

Here’s what he experienced to say about it: “The sandwich did not glance large, but it ended up becoming really hefty and filling.”

The pulled pork was salty and smokey, which was significantly nice when well balanced with the sweetness of the barbecue sauce, the buttery toasted-to-perfection bread, and the cheddar cheese.

The dill pickle included an acidic burst in-in between bites and there should’ve been a lot more than just 1 slice. It’s a messy knife and fork sandwich that is amazingly large good quality.

The flavor of the pork was very good to the issue that I thought probably they brought it over from Regal Eagle, but if they are making it in-dwelling then they are doing some thing suitable. Hugely recommend providing this sandwich a check out.

So there you have it – allow us know in the responses if you’ve had this sandwich and notify us what you imagined!

View the video clip below if you want to see Craig’s on-the-location evaluation!