The Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting Characters at Walt Disney World

I want to commence by declaring that this is coming from a former topic park performer who values the meet up with-and-greet knowledge. Disney parks have normally been recognised for enjoyment and the character interactions all through the parks. Just lately, character sightings have been extra prevalent. I have normally beloved conference characters and partaking in discussion with them. Character hugs, in a way, have always felt therapeutic, no matter whether I was a performer or conference people as a visitor. Not too long ago on social media, I have witnessed creators share distinctive films on their inner thoughts and thoughts on what’s wrong and right when attendees satisfy figures. I wished to join the discussion, and I also wanted to include all of you. 

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Let’s begin with the don’ts.

All performers go by way of instruction, which normally ends with a lengthy test to assure each and every performer knows all the guidelines and regulations. These procedures and regulations also crack down what they can and just cannot do though on phase or conference attendees. The principal rule is to always keep in character and only do or say points that your character would know. This fundamentally means that if a guest were to question a performer to do a trending dance from social media, they would not be able to execute that dance. This also goes for questions that could throw the character off and likely get them to crack character.

A different substantial rule is that the performers are not able to keep babies. Performers or attendants would kindly permit you know that holding a boy or girl is not permitted. This is for the safety of the kid and performer. Several of the regular bodily policies are not in exercise now mainly because satisfy and greets are now becoming held from a distance owing to the ongoing pandemic. It is necessary to regard each and every performer that you appear throughout and comprehend that if a character suggests they can’t do one thing, it is since if they have been to do it, it could lead to them losing their jobs or hindering their basic safety. 

Other policies include things like not accepting gifts with monetary value. I am not 100% absolutely sure on the value rate, but when I performed, I imagine that we could not acknowledge just about anything that price much more than $20. Becoming knowledgeable of arm/hand placement is pretty crucial when meeting characters as very well. In training, it is explained to consider to make certain that both arms/hands of the visitor are constantly visible. These are all conventional procedures among the surrounding concept parks.

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Now let’s go on to the do’s. This section is quick.

Converse to the characters about their movie or people inside their universe. For illustration, if you satisfy Belle at Epcot and talk to her about a Marvel character, she would not know about that universe, but you could question her about her princess close friends like Jasmine or Snow White. As a performer, a person of my most loved things was when company would explain to tales about how the character impacted their lives. These are the tales that adhere with the character performers for a lifetime.

If you want to exhibit a character the imaginative side of you, convey them a painting or drawing that you built. These personal items are issues that characters cherish. I utilized to get characters web pages out of my coloring books when I was a kid, and getting the chance to hand the web page to the character or their attendant are reminiscences I have always held on to. When I was a performer, I acquired a drawing from a guest that was about 5 yrs aged, and I still have that drawing displayed. Little items like that truly make a big difference to concept park performers. Owing to Covid-19, the only photos that can be taken at this time are selfies, and when having selfies whilst many others are also striving to take them can appear to be not incredibly pleasant. The best way to navigate the problem is to hold out for the performer to accept you and then say, “Hey, can we take a selfie?” to assure you get the finest photograph feasible. This also offers you a second to interact with the character. 

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All over again, I just required to share this for the reason that I have observed some matters circulating on the world wide web that could affect visitors to do anything that could hinder the performer’s career. Most of the time, attendees really do not know what figures can and can not do, so I hope this clarifies.

I also wished to share this because as we continue on to force through this pandemic, far more and far more figures have been noticed throughout the parks. These character sightings have made me so pleased just lately, specially seeing all the kids and the young ones at coronary heart interacting with their favorite characters. When going for walks all over Environment Showcase, I observed Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, and Mary Poppins. It was so good to see them at their respective pavilions and get to interact with them for a bit. Seeing a lot more and extra characters out and about has aided make points truly feel to some degree normal when the world is still not so normal. I just can’t hold out to see additional character places open back up. 

Who is your beloved character to satisfy? Allow us know in the opinions down below!