The Cambodian Cowboy serves the most unique fusion barbecue

LONG BEACH, Calif — Chad Phuong is the pit master behind Battambang, a pop-up barbecue spot that locals in Long Beach love because of its unique blend of flavors.

Phuong blends the story of his life into the flavors of his dishes. As a child, he was a refugee who walked from Cambodia to the Thai border, moved to Long Beach, then spent five years in Texas learning how to smoke meat.

Phuong was dubbed “The Cambodian Cowboy” because he is always seen by his smoker in a Texas-style cowboy hat.

His flavor profiles include things such as meat marinated in a Cambodian pepper and corn made with coconut milk.

Battambang pops-up outside of Bixby Knolls Farmers Market, Ten Mile Brewery and Trademark Brewery during the week, and the schedule is available on Phuong’s social media.