Tessa Thompson on playing repressed ‘Passing’ character

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Tessa Thompson plays a repressed woman in Rebecca Hall’s new film “Passing.”

On “The LA Times Envelope Roundtable” on Spectrum News 1, Thompson opens up to host Amy Kaufman about taking on the challenging role in the film adaptation of Nella Larsen’s acclaimed novella.

“The book was written in 1929. It’s really slim, it’s 93 pages, but so much happens in the interior life of this woman, Irene, who I play,” Thompson said. “And I think Nella Larsen brilliantly uses the idea of passing in terms of race as a metaphor for the ways in which we all pass. This idea that the sort of version of ourself that we project out into the world doesn’t always line up.”

The roundtable also features actors Penélope Cruz, Kirsten Dunst, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson and Kristen Stewart. Click the arrow above to see Thompson discuss the film.