Tampa Bay filmmaker takes part in an Oscar winner

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — There’s never a dull moment for Christian Cashmir lately. He’s always got something going on at his St. Petersburg production company, Litewave Media.

“It’s a good area to be right now for filmmaking, St. Pete and Tampa,” Cashmir said as he prepared for another production.

What You Need To Know

  • Christian Cashmir was a cinematographer on the film “Summer of Soul”
  • The movie just won the Oscar for Best Documentary
  • Cashmir’s St. Petersburg-based company, Litewave Media, continues to grow, using new technology like LED walls

Cashmir started Litewave Media in 2005 and has grown it to work with some pretty big clients, everyone from John Cena to Gisele Bündchen.

But it was some news he just received that really means a lot: a film he worked on just won an Oscar.

“It’s pretty crazy to be part of an Oscar-winning movie,” Cashmir said. “You start in film school, and you don’t even think that’s a possibility.”

Cashmir was a cinematographer on the film “Summer of Soul,” which just won the Oscar for Best Documentary. It’s about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival.

The filmmakers reached out to Cashmir for help on shooting a portion that needed to be done in Florida. He shot some interviews in Sarasota that ended up being used in the film.

“We’re locals and it was here during the pandemic,” Cashmir said. “There weren’t a lot of crews flying around, so we were lucky to be part of that film and part of the documentary.”

On top of being part of Oscar-winning productions, Cashmir is also embracing new ideas to grow filmmaking in Tampa Bay.

One of the recent additions to his production company is an LED wall — a brand new technology that popular shows like “The Mandalorian” are filmed on.

🎥 Got to see one of the first virtual movie sets in Tampa Bay! Technology like this LED wall can bring more business to the film industry in the area. @BN9 @Litewave pic.twitter.com/H3O87BoSB6

— Tim Wronka (@TimWronka) March 29, 2022

With the touch of a button, Cashmir can have virtual sets like a church, outer space or a tropical island.

It has allowed him to bring in new clients and productions.

“I think it enables us to get clients that are looking for this technology, that maybe they used to have to go to Los Angeles or New York, and now it’s right here in St. Pete,” Cashmir said.

That means more jobs for the local film community, he said, which is something he’s always trying to promote. Now, being part of an Oscar-winning production certainly helps with that.

Cashmir and his company are also gearing up work on a feature film, which will be shot in downtown Dunedin later this month.