‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to make WrestleMania return

DALLAS — WWE fans have speculated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s return to the grandest stage of all and it looks as though they were right.

A proud Texan, Austin says he’s grown tired of WWE wrestler Kevin Owens’ public insults toward the state. Nineteen years ago, he wrestled in his last WWE match against The Rock, but he’s coming back to confront Owens at WrestleMania 38.


Owen’s has been on a Texas trolling tirade for the past few months, even calling beer gross, a staple drink Austin has used as a cause for celebration in past matches. 

On the latest episode of “Monday Night Raw,” Owens proposed a challenge at WM38 to Austin and threatened to issue out his own signature stunner move on the WWE legend. 

The Texas Rattlesnake wasn’t too pleased with the disrespect, but thanked Owens for waking up the fight inside of him to carry out some unfinished business he left behind at WrestleMania 19. 

Owens reacted to Austin’s acceptance of his WM38 invitation. 

Austin said Owens is due a “can of whoop a**” for running his mouth about the state of Texas and that’s just “the bottom line…”