Staten Island Ferry owner says no plans to move

One of the owners of a recently purchased Staten Island Ferry boat said on Sunday there are no plans to move it to Long Island.

In recent days, political leaders on both Staten Island and Long Island have been trying to make the case for where the Staten Island Ferry John F. Kennedy, purchased earlier this year by SNL stars Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, should be docked. 

Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella and Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine held a virtual meeting on Sunday where they debated which of their harbors should be the new home to the nearly 300-foot vessel.  

“The Staten Island Ferry is synonymous with the good people of Staten Island. It is the lifeline for tens of thousands of commuters each day. It’s iconic. It’s world renowned. And it’s the Staten Island Ferry for a reason because we believe it is really the image of Staten Island,” Fossella said during a Zoom call with Romaine.

Comedy club owner Paul Italia, who purchased the boat alongside Jost and Davidson, told NY1 that this apparent “feud” comes as a surprise, adding that he has had little to no contact with Long Island officials about his plans. He also said he was unaware of the Sunday Zoom meeting.

Italia said the ultimate home of the decommissioned boat is still unknown, but added that his goal is to keep the boat in New York City.

The boat is scheduled to be moved on Monday to Caddell Dry Dock on Staten Island until a permanent location is found. 

The boat, capable of carrying more than 3,000 passengers, was bought for more than $280,000 at a January auction.

Jost, Davidson and Italia say they plan to use the ferry as an entertainment venue that will include comedy events.

The Staten Island Ferry John F. Kennedy was built in 1965 and operated for over five decades. It was the oldest vessel in the fleet before it was retired last summer.