Specialty Sandwich Co. ready for Super Bowl Sunday

HOLDEN, Mass. — For many football fans, Super Bowl Sunday means it’s time to party, and of course, what’s a party without some great food?

The Specialty Sandwich Co. in Holden says this weekend is the “perfect storm,” between the nice weather, the Super Bowl on Sunday and Valentine’s Day on Monday.

They are fulfilling orders for all of the Super Bowl classics, including sandwich platters, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and pizzas. Without the New England Patriots in it this year, Specialty Sandwich has noticed less stress before the big game.

“People are kind of differently excited about it, you know?” owner Vasilios Gjinis said. “They have the stress level out of their shoulders, so they’re just enjoying themselves and looking forward to a great game.”

“I really love the two teams. I’m really excited to watch the game, especially with two teams that really haven’t been in a Super Bowl in a long time,” Gjinis added. “We always see the same…. I’m a huge Patriots fan, but, you know, it’s good to see something different this year.”

Gjinis said he’ll be rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals, because his wife is from Ohio. The Holden restaurant owner also said supply chain issues have created some challenges, but things are looking up.

“Chicken wings was one of the items that was really in high demand and not enough supply, so the prices went way higher — actually tripled at some point,” Gjinis said. “But we got through it, you know. We’re in almost a stable kind of pricing situation right now. We’re just trying to figure out exactly what’s going to happen over the next two months with the inflation and everything else going on.”

The Specialty Sandwich Co. will be open on Sunday from 12 p.m. until the end of the Super Bowl, with order pickups from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. On Valentine’s Day, they will be open for business as usual.