Singer uses music to call attention to social issues

LOS ANGELES — Every song Nancy Sánchez sings is inspired by her own life.

“I truly believe that everybody has a story to tell, everybody has a unique experience,” Sánchez said.

Sánchez’s story starts in Mexico. She came to the United States from Toluca, Mexico at age 3. Her journey and her life in both Mexico and the United States inspire part of her writing. While Nancy writes about love and loss, she also sings about social issues such as racism and immigration.

“Music is very healing,” she said. “It’s an avenue I have to express myself, to express my feelings, to really express how I see the world around me.”

Spectrum News 1 Socal went behind the scenes at Decibel Studios where Nancy and her new band Las Chorizeras recorded the latest episode of “The Breakfast Table,” an online show.

Sánchez describes Las Chorizeras as an intimate group with a mariachi vibe. Her love of music started as a child. Her father is a mariachi. She also uses her music to inspire others, which is why she teaches at “A Place Called Home, a nonprofit that provides programs in arts, education and wellness for young people in South Los Angeles.

During her ukulele class she said her hope is that by teaching music, it could inspire a student to pursue music. She also says even if the children here don’t pursue music in a professional way, her hope is that they use as an artistic outlet.

Diego Jiménez, 10, one of her students, said he likes music because it relaxes him and helps him unwind.

For Sánchez, teaching is her way to give back.

“It’s fulfilling, spiritually,” she said. “I feel like a well-rounded person. I just feel more complete.”

As for her music, she hopes people can connect with her songs.

“I feel like there’s so many songwriters that I listen to and I feel like, ‘Oh, I feel just like he does,’ or, ‘What she’s writing is calling to me.’ So I hope that people can connect with me in that way.”