Short film ‘Leylak’ wins award at Tribeca Film Festival

Leylak won the special jury prize for ideal narrative shorter movie. It is really about a Turkish immigrant gravedigger Yusuf who is dependent in Queens and struggles to make finishes meet and care for his youthful daughter Renk.

Yusuf is also unable to understand the point that his wife died of COVID-19, and withholds the truth from his daughter.  

“I truly feel like this is some thing that influenced the entire environment, and Scott and I really desired to make a film during this time,” stated director Dennis Latos. “But what tends to make Leylak so distinctive is that it can be not just about COVID, it can be not about looking at the hospitals, and on the lookout at the ventilators and focusing on the crisis, but we wished to inform a tale about a father and daughter and a film about reduction.”

“I believe with Leylak we desired to give people a legitimate insight of what a New York immigrant, a typical New York was heading through this time, and what we wished to depart is a little something that is heartwarming but heartbreaking the accurate existence that we ended up dwelling in the course of this time, that every person was, and that there is gentle at the finish of the tunnel,” said director Scott Aharoni.

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