Seven Baby Hedgehogs Have Arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

When new toddlers arrive at Animal Kingdom, it is often exciting because the park proceeds to expand its animal household. Not too long ago, a little one Okapi, Beni, was born into the Animal Kingdom spouse and children. Now 7 hedgehogs joined the workforce. Certainly, you read through that correct, 7.

Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment, shared this information on Instagram with the cutest pics. The greatest section of all of this is the title of the mother hedgehog, Glitter Toaster Strudel. Is that not the cutest name of all time?

To be much more particular, these are lesser Madagascar tenrec hedgehogs, and as of right now, they will be held backstage at Rafiki’s Planet View to invest time with their mother and dad. I simply cannot wait around for the day they are set onstage for friends to see and admire.

Will you be wanting for these hedgehog infants on your upcoming Animal Kingdom journey? Let us know in the comments.

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