RSVLTS Drops Their First D100 Shirts Today

The Walt Disney Company is now celebrating its 100th anniversary and RSVLTS has teamed up on new shirts for the occasion. The three manufacturer-new shirts are being launched today, Tuesday 2/14, on at 4:00pm EST.

The D100 x RSVLTS Collection is becoming introduced as KUNUFLEX™ button-down shirts and pays tribute to Mickey Mouse and your most loved Disney people. “Hiya, Pal” is whimsical and features the shadow of Mickey Mouse and his iconic gloves. “Steamboat Mickey” pays homage to Walt’s 1st seem-synchronized cartoon, Steamboat Willie. “Sketches to Screen” characteristics your beloved Disney figures from 100 a long time of Disney in sketch variety with subtle icons just behind.

Each and every shirt consists of a limited edition neck label and placket patch featuring the platinum D100 brand.

The shirts are $70 and will most probable provide out promptly, so pick what you want and shop rapidly!