Royal Dropping Testing for Vaxxed on Cruises 5 nights or shorter | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

Why though? What a weird improve. Either fall it completely or will not. (I just actually won’t be able to realize the reasoning for not pre-testing on 1-6 evenings but tests on 7+…?)

Would not it be a thing alongside the lines of, if another person provides it on the short cruise, it will never have too significantly time to distribute, but on a long cruise, it has significantly extra time to infect a massive group if introduced on board from the commence?

I assume it should really be dropped totally. Even though I am guaranteed it has some mitigating effect to examination, I can’t consider it really is pretty huge at all, considering that antigen assessments are quite terrible at buying up positive circumstances, a person could establish an an infection just among screening and boarding, a person can develop a favourable infection just soon after boarding, and an individual can pick it up at the ports and bring it on the ship that way. It just appears to be like a person of these cartoons exactly where you plug 1 gap in the sinking ship (sorry for the terrible analogy on a cruise board) and there are ten more holes leaking. Absolutely sure, you could possibly aid a minor, but how a great deal are you definitely assisting at this stage? Everyone has or will be exposed if they stay any semblance of a typical lifetime now, so I suspect we have attained the place where by we address cruising like any other activity. I really don’t see it as well a great deal much more dangerous than traveling to a theme park, for instance, now that the variant is ridiculously contagious.

But I have an understanding of why views fluctuate on this situation and that some would like the threat of not being capable to cruise, as effectively as the more time and cost, in trade for some stage of enhanced threat mitigation.