Ripley’s to drop Largest Ball of Human Hair for New Year’s Eve

There have been some strange things dropped at midnight over the years to ring in the New Year — bologna, a peach, a high-heeled shoe — and now, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! will drop the new Guinness World Records title holder for the Largest Ball of Human Hair.

Ripley’s will drop the 225.13-pound hairball, aptly nicknamed “Hoss,” on Facebook Live on Friday, Dec. 31, starting just before midnight EST. Hoss will join other weird New Year’s Eve drops around the country like:

  • Tallapoosa, Ga. – In the town once dubbed “Possum Snout,” Spencer, a taxidermy possum surrounded by holiday lights, is lowered.
  • Plymouth, Wis. – In the Cheese Capital of the World, a giant wedge of Sartorial cheese is dropped.
  • Eastover, N.C. – The tradition of dropping Jasper, a three-foot-tall, 30-pound ceramic flea, stems from the town’s old nickname: Flea Hill.
  • Boise, Idaho – What else but a foam potato the size of a car makes sense to lower from a crane?