Real world Tron Lightcycle for sale, starting at $100,000

Fans of the “Tron Legacy” film can jump on a real world Lightcycle before Disney opens their Tron Lightcycle / Run coaster at the Magic Kingdom. These street legal bikes, build by Parker Brother Concepts, start at $100,000 and reach speeds of 125 mph.

These Neutron X all-electric bikes feature 180 miles of range and 110 horsepower. They can be bought and built in one or two seater configurations. Parker Brothers Concepts have made Lightcycle-style bikes in the past. This current version is built for more speed and comfort, whereas most of the previous versions were made for trade shows and marketing purposes.

Having a Tron Lightcycle for sale isn’t just about proving its speed, it also has to have the proper looks. Lightcycles are known for their distinct smooth finish and illuminated exterior. Parker Brothers Concepts took that in their own direction with a fully illuminated body.

Tron Lightcycle for sale by Parker Brothers Concepts.

You can contact Parker Brothers Concepts about the new Neutron X offerings. Or, according to their website, a single original design Neutron Tron Lightcycle is still for sale.

If the $100,000+ price range or the 125 mph speed is too much, you aren’t far from the opening of the Tron Lightcycle / Run roller coaster. Real bikes and Disney’s Lightcycle coaster vehicles both have requirements for safety. These coaster requirements have caused some to not be able to ride. We made a video and detailed article explaining the best way to fit comfortably.