Psych Cat and Space Station stage ‘Innate Nature’ group exhibition on Saturday | Things to Do | Orlando

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impression courtesy Psych Cat

“California Stop,” by Christopher Noxon

The Room Station Diy gallery area proceeds its quiet comeback with this team art demonstrate dreamt up by avant-minded curators Psych Cat. Christian Stanley, Christopher Noxon, Eduardo Meza, Jeffrey Plettinck, Leo Cordovi, Mär Martinez and Sapphire Servellon will have new operates highlighted, and foods and spirits will be extra than your regular home temperature wine- and-cheese jazz.

Drinks appear courtesy of Sideward Brewing, and pulling up to sling some handmade noodles is Crimson Panda Noodle, the new strategy from ex-Orlando Meats (which just this week shuttered) stalwarts Eliot Hillis and Seth Parker.