Print publication amplifies the voices of women of color

HIGH POINT, N.C. — A new print publication aims to amplify the voices of women of color in the Triad. 

It’s called “Triad Voice Magazine,” and it launched this year.

“Triad Voice” magazine staff meet in High Point. (Chelsea Floyd/ Spectrum News 1)

The founder, Chelsie Hart-Smith, says she’s her love of magazines goes way back.

“I’ve always loved magazines,” Smith said. “Magazines are magic.”

Her goal is to address the lack of representation in community publications.

“The content in Triad Voice is for everyone,” Smith said. “Everyone loves a good recipe, everyone loves an article that’s encouraging them to take a few moments to breathe. But what Voice does is it serves the often unseen and unheard population.”

Smith says her team has also launched a podcast called “Voices.” You can take a listen here.