PODCAST: Pros, cons and unknowns of Disney’s Lake Nona move (Ep. 118)

Some 2,000 positions in Disney’s Parks, Ordeals and Items division in California are coming to Lake Nona. Monday was the company’s deadline to advise personnel whose positions were impacted by the Lake Nona shift. Once notified, staff members have 3 months to make a decision. And when impacted Disney employees are mulling their final decision, Orlando Sentinel tourism reporters Dewayne Bevil and Katie Rice break down what the move usually means to Disney concept parks and Central Florida. “So this is a massive shift for men and women — emotionally, monetarily, culturally — and Disney stands to get rid of a great deal if men and women do not determine to move across the place.” Katie points out that just one feasible downside of the shift is the decline of decades of institutional know-how if Imagineers make your mind up towards relocating. Dewayne sees an upside, “Disneyland in California has gotten points due to the fact Imagineers are there. It is their yard. … We now have Imagineers below, but if the conclusion makers are right here as properly, it can only benefit us.” Pay attention to this episode of Concept Park Rangers employing the participant under or subscribe anyplace you get podcasts: