PODCAST: Fake vs. real fears at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and the Muppets move into Disney’s Haunted Mansion (Ep. 117)

As the ultimate weekend of Halloween festivities ways, Orlando Sentinel tourism reporters Dewayne Bevil and Katie Rice choose a glance at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. The event’s 30th year was achieved with an enthusiastic admirer reception for the phony frights but also some serious worry for some admirers who worried about contracting COVID-19 in packed strains and haunted residences. They also go over “Muppets Haunted Mansion,” a Halloween application seen on the Disney+ streaming service. Quite a few of your favourite felt (and real) faces make an visual appeal in the movie that usually takes put in a haunted mansion, the inside of which looks pretty significantly like a Magic Kingdom attraction. Listen to this episode of Theme Park Rangers employing the participant underneath or anywhere you download podcasts.