Play tied to Sikh Temple shooting set for New York premiere

MILWAUKEE — More than a decade after a white supremacist walked into the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek and shot 10 people, a play recounting parts of that horrific day and the hate surrounding it will debut in New York.

“I think my writers’ group was a big part of my healing,” Sundeep Morrison, the writer, director and actor playing every role in “Rag Head: An American Story,” told Spectrum News 1. “I was really angry and sad, because for the first time, I really thought about my parents’ safety.”

Morrison’s parents ended up being at a different Wisconsin temple on that fateful day, but she remembers hearing the news from them as the nation grappled with a mass shooting inside an American house of worship.

“I think for all of us, it was just a powerful time that changed our lives,” Morrison added. “To receive that call and be told, ‘Turn on the news — something horrible has happened,’ it’s a feeling that I could not shake, and for me, writing has always been therapeutic, so just to get the feelings out on a page was where this story began.”

“Rag Head: An American Story” will make its New York debut on Friday, Oct. 28 at 8:30 p.m. along Theater Row in New York.

Watch the full interview above.