Best Pizza In Orlando

Here’s the Secret to Finding the Best Pizza in Orlando, Florida!

In the pizza wars, every state argues over who makes the best pie. For those that love pizza though, you can have more than one favorite type. There are a few factors that go into what makes a great pizza though.

orlando pizza

For the Orlando area, pizza on International Drive and pizza near Universal Studios will turn up lots of places, mostly chains. If you want to find the best pizza in Orlando, you’ll have to look beyond the famed logos for something unique.

Right now, Orlando pizza delivery is a hot topic, pardon the pun. If you want pizza on deliver for Universal Studios and the surrounding area, it’s important to know what will make the best pizza in Orlando stand out from the rest.

– Fresh and Local Ingredients

Rule number one when choosing your pizza is that the ingredients need to be fresh and local. Those chains all use big suppliers. When you choose an independent pizza place, you’re not just getting fresher flavors but you’re also supporting local growers and vendors. Ingredients that travel far to become part of your pizza just don’t have that kind of zing to them.

– Homemade Sauce

Let’s face it…anyone can grab pre-made pizza dough from the store and slather it with a jar of sauce. Most people have tried this at some point or another only to vow to order Orlando pizza delivery instead next time. The secret IS in the sauce. Jarred sauce usually has more sugar than necessary added in which affects the overall outcome.

– Variety of Topping Options

Call up pizza deliver for Universal Studios and anywhere nearby and your topping selection may be limited. You also may find yourself sorely disappointed by the first point, a lack of freshness. For example, if fresh mushrooms are your favorite topping, there’s nothing worse than salivating in anticipation for your pizza delivery to arrive only to flip back the top and find the mushrooms they’ve used are the canned kind.

– Oven Heat

Not all pizza ovens are created equal either. For pizza to truly be the most existential eating experience you’ll ever have, the oven needs to be piping hot, upwards of 800 degrees. Ideally, 1,000 degrees is the sweet spot for pizzas, but this can’t be achieved in the typical steel ovens. At those temperatures, you’ll have a burnt-to-a-crisp disc.

Instead, you need a brick oven which enhances the flavors of those fresh and local ingredients, creating pizza perfection in every mouthful. The science behind brick oven pizzas is something worth chewing over while you order out for Orlando brick oven pizza. The bricks are more efficient at transferring heat into the dough. That’s why pizza cooked in a brick oven is best because it heats the crust evenly without burning it while giving the toppings enough of a crispness.

And that brick oven crust? If you’ve never had Orlando brick oven pizza before, then you’ll experience the mouth-watering sensation of crisp texture and a soft and chewy base all in one. It satisfies in texture as well as flavor with a true Italian taste.


– Super-Fast Pizza

How many times have you ordered pizza in your life and thought you might succumb to starvation before it arrived? In steel ovens, pizzas can take 15 minutes or longer to bake. Add to that how busy the pizzeria is at the time you place your order plus the delivery time and you’ll be waiting a while. Brick oven pizza cooks faster.

In fact, one Orlando brick oven pizza place, Hot Bricks Pizza, has a 1,000-degree brick oven that can make your pizza in just 90 seconds. With a turnaround time like that, you won’t go hungry!

Pro Bonus: Brick Oven is Healthier

Pizza often gets a bad reputation for being fattening, but several things factor into that. Of course, if you ask for extra cheese, that’s adding on more calories. With a brick oven pizza though, you won’t need that extra cheese. The freshness of the toppings will speak for themselves.

Nutritionists say pizza is a smarter choice over other meal options, especially compared to fast casual choices. Thanks to the brick oven, you can have your pizza topped with veggies that still retain a crispness, natural flavor, plus all the nutrients you need. They’re heated to perfection, unlocking their own special tastes. Honestly, there’s no better way to eat your vegetables than on top of a brick oven pizza.

Extras That Make Orlando Pizza Delivery Even Better

Hard to believe, but not everyone wants pizza on International Drive. If your family and friends are arguing over what to order, Hot Bricks Pizza serves up more than homemade brick oven pizza. You’ll find a selection of made-to-order pastas and salads so everyone can be happy. Don’t forget dessert either…that is, if you have room leftover to eat it!

When it comes to the best pizza in Orlando, you have to go with fresh-made pizzas that can go in and out of the oven fast. Homemade sauce, local ingredients, variety in toppings, and the intense heat of brick oven pizza are all game-changers when it comes to standing out among one of the most popular types of food on the planet.

Instead of settling for another frozen pizza that you bought BOGO at Publix or one of the chains, look for Orlando brick oven pizza to treat yourself right!