Pig Races Draw in Large Crowds at the State Fair

WEST ALLIS, Wis. — Sunday marks the last day for the State Fair and despite the weather, hundreds of fairgoers made their way to the Wisconsin fairgrounds. 

A major attraction at the State Fair for the past two decades has been the pig races, which managed to fill the stands throughout the day. 

“Straight out of hoggywood California and still hitting them corners in that low, low, Snoop Hoggy Hog,” said Colton Brooks. 

Brooks and his family have been racing pigs across the U.S. for many years and he said there’s a reason they keep coming back to Wisconsin. 

“They love pig races up here in Wisconsin more than they do anywhere else. It’s crazy,” said Brooks. 

Brooks and his family’s pigs are from a farm in Missouri and after every event, the pigs are swapped out so they don’t get overworked.  

 “I have been doing this for about nine years and when I learned how to do it, I started running the pigs. I was hambone before I was pork chop,” said Brooks. 

One of Brooks’ favorite parts of the pig races is looking up and seeing the smiling faces of everyone in the crowd, but that’s not the only reason he and his pig come to Wisconsin.

“The State Park Fair Foundation, it is the only foundation, and it has been great over the years. They had donations in the tens of thousands,” said Brooks. 

The donation window for the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair has closed, but if you would like to make a donation for the 2023 State Fair, click here.