Orlando Fringe 2022 Review: ‘The Gay ’90s Musical’ | Things to Do | Orlando

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Out of all the homosexual-themed wide variety exhibits at this Fringe, The Gay ’90s Musical is absolutely one particular of them. Three adult males and 3 girls dressed in castoff Dapper Dan costumes gamely limp although a lame selection of unmemorable musical numbers and toothless jokes recycling fatigued tropes about homosexuality. The alleged conceit — telling 100 a long time of homosexual record in tune — is under no circumstances meaningfully developed over and above the opening refrain, and the ’90s angle is mostly expressed by means of dated references to domestic partnerships and phone sexual intercourse traces.

With the sole exception of just one tender heartstring-tugging AIDS tribute to the conclude, there are no identifiable figures or connective tissues to bind the uneven bits (which had been penned a few a long time in the past by a dozen-odd diverse authors) into a greater full. Clumsy choreography does minor to enrich the generic rating, when the cleverest the lyrics get is for the duration of a belabored oral sex metaphor about a “cunning linguist” which finishes in an indifferently faked orgasm. On the as well as aspect, I did take pleasure in that (unlike some related LGBTQ-aimed shows) lesbians and bisexuals are offered equal time in this article, and even most lugubrious of the cliche-ridden tracks is tunefully sung by the overqualified cast. I can conveniently think about Disney placing this “Up With Homosexual People” pablum on the Magic Kingdom Castle forecourt stage throughout June to improve gross sales of rainbow ear hats, supplying they excise fleeting references to poppers and porn. But supplied Florida’s regressive political local weather at existing, the cheerfully triumphalist finale feels fatally tone-deaf.

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