Orlando Fringe 2022 Review: ‘The Family Crow: A Murder Mystery’ | Things to Do | Orlando

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Russel, the prodigal son of the prominent Crow household, has perished and each member of his murder — from appropriate-wing patriarch Cameron to singing sister Sheryl — is a suspect. Fortunately, acclaimed avian Inspector Horatio P. Corvis is on the scenario, sorting the clues from the red herrings in this ridiculously riveting tale of violence, betrayal, and beautifully awful wordplay from writer-puppeteer Adam Francis Proulx, the muppety maestro behind 2017’s hit 12 Indignant Puppets.

The gory specifics of this detective spoof are properly intricate, but finally less intriguing than the tuxedoed Proulx’s delightfully droll supply, as he deftly dances in between the various characters applying the charmingly handmade puppet perched atop his prime hat. With tiny extra than his feathered mate and low-budget lighting provided by pedal-controlled knockoff Luxo lamps (as well as a desk supporter for traveling results), Proulx experienced me laughing difficult in advance of his sardonic detective satire experienced barely begun.

This sly script might not have the very same depth of social commentary as his very last exhibit. But if you enjoy self-depreciating humor — and self-assured puppetry — enough to wander down a incredibly extensive highway for a quite undesirable joke, flock to see Proulx just before the crowds commence crowing about him.

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