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The ragtag crew of the “Wretched Hive” has just survived a pirate assault when on a shady interstellar delivery run on the Outer Rim. Determined for galactic credits to mend their vessel, they take the undignified assignment of entertaining inhabitants of the Or-Lan-Do technique (positioned on the Fringe of recognized house) with their time-honored do the job tracks about the Kessel Run, Hondo Onaka and other obscure icons from that galaxy considerably, much absent.

Again in the prehistoric times ahead of MegaCon and social media, science fiction-obsessed admirers celebrated their geekdom at gatherings by “filking,” or singing classic-sounding people songs with authentic lyrics about Hobbits or Spock. Star Shanties could not explicitly use the phrase filk to describe their Star Wars-encouraged music, but they evidently drop into that noble nerd tradition with this amusing, entire-throated delight for Jedi masters and nerf-herders alike.

Writer-director Arthur Rowan (known on the RenFaire circuit as Rowan the Bard) teamed up with Ashley Wilson (producer of 2018’s Fringe hit FrogPig) for this minimalist but slickly developed manufacturing, which attributes costumes that would be ideal for Disney-bounding on Batuu and cargo-crate props that glimpse like they could have been jettisoned from the Millennium Falcon’s smuggling keep. The plan for this show may have started as a spoof but this proficient quintet will take their singing really seriously, and a tender ode to Alderaan’s explosion approximately brought a tear to my eye.

This exhibit is greatest liked by these invested more than enough in George Lucas’s universe to know Princess Leia’s mother’s name (spoiler: It is Breha) and appreciate jabs at the Galactic Starcruiser’s pricing composition. And the temporary but witty e book linking the musical quantities brims with fourth wall-breaking meta jokes, even though concurrently undertaking more to develop its characters’ personalities than Episodes VII however IX place with each other did. But you really don’t have to know Lekkus from Lothal to delight in the lusty a cappella harmonies and primal hand-drummed percussion.

If there is a flaw, it’s that (like many genuine folk music) the tunes tend to go on for one particular or two verses for a longer time than vital, but at under 45 minutes this saga certainly does not outlast its welcome. With all due respect to the other spacefarers out there, this may be my favored saga-encouraged Fringe present because Charlie Ross’ A single Man Trilogy. At the possibility of sounding cliched: The Power is strong with this one.

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