Orange County Regional History Center hosts Barbarella’s John Gardner for a talk on dance music in Central Florida | Things to Do | Orlando

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Image by Jim Leatherman

Barbarella’s John Gardner speaks at the Heritage Centre this weekend

The most up-to-date sidebar software held in conjunction with the Orange County Heritage Center’s Figurehead exhibition is a Q&A session with John Gardner titled “Dance Audio in Central Florida.”

Gardner is undoubtedly as fantastic a starting up place as any on the subject matter. As the owner and operator of edgy dance destinations in Orlando given that the 1980s — like Faith in Physics, the Beach Club, Barbarella and I-Bar — he’s lived by means of and noticed a number of rises and falls of downtown Orlando nightlife.

What helps make Gardner’s standpoint all the more intriguing is that he’s now rewriting the record of his personal Barbarella nightclub, possessing uprooted it from downtown Orlando final 12 months to move into a warehouse house on OBT. (Back again to his roots, as it have been.)

Gardner’s a lifer and he’s not slowing down — you’d be perfectly-advised to choose his mind. Following let us see plans with DJ Magic Mike or Suzy Photo voltaic!

2 p.m., Sunday, March 5, Orange County Regional History Centre, 65 E. Central Blvd.,, totally free.

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