NY Fugitive Reportedly Recognized on Vacation in Walt Disney World

Experiences emerged on Thursday of a NY fugitive, allegedly discovered as Quashon Burton, remaining apprehended in late Oct following just about a 12 months on the operate. The 31-year-previous is said to have fled his Brooklyn apartment past November, staying away from charges of fraudulently getting coronavirus reduction help in the variety of $150,000 in forgivable federal financial loans.

In component thanks to a distinctive tattoo on the fugitive’s neck, Burton was spotted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom by a federal postal inspector, Jeff Andre. The person was visiting the Walt Disney Planet concept park below a phony identify and refused to be determined, even after fingerprints confirmed it was Burton. He was later on denied bail and has been remanded in custody pending further court docket proceedings.

Feature Image: Photo by Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash

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