New Netflix series Lost Ollie visits Bernheim Forest Giants

CLERMONT, Ky. — There’s a new Netflix limited series created by Kentuckian and artist getting positive reviews.

“Lost Ollie” visits several Kentucky destinations, including Bernheim Forest in Clermont.

What You Need To Know

  • “Lost Ollie” is a limited series on Netflix 
  • Show creator Shannon Tindle is a Shepherdsville native
  • The show is a story about a lost stuffed animal finding his way home
  • In the series, Ollie visits the Bernheim Forest and its wooden giants

It’s the imaginative tale of a stuffed rabbit finding his way home, coming from the mind of a Shepherdsville native.

“This actually has been in the works for a very long time,” Amy Landon said. Landon is the director of communications at Bernheim Forest. The forest’s Giant, “Little Nis,” is featured in episode 2 of the Lost Ollie, filming of which took place in March of last year. “There was a whole of people. They were here overnight. The scenes with Nis in Lost Ollie take place at night, so they wanted to be sure to film here at night.”

“Little Nis” is one of three Forest Giants that were built in 2019 by visiting Danish artist Thomas Dambo who creates larger-than-life giants out of reclaimed and naturally found materials. Dambo’s “Giants” have been built in locations around the globe.

Forest Giant “Little Nis” sits by the water at Bernheim Forest in Clermont, Ky. (Spectrum News 1Jonathon Gregg)

In “Lost Ollie,” the animated characters explore real world Kentucky with many stops along the way, including in Louisville. Creator Shannon Tindle grew up just a few miles from Bernheim Forest in Shepherdsville.

The news series has been getting very positive reviews. According to the film review site Rotten Tomatoes, “Ollie” has a 97% audience score.

And the showcasing of Kentucky has people like Landon even more excited for the project. “It’s really exciting to see this adventure tie in our local communities so much and is really such a wonderful tribute.”

While Bernheim Forest has been featured in numerous local and national publications, “Lost Ollie” marks the first time Bernheim and its Forest Giants make the jump to fiction and a major streaming service.

Dambo’s Forest Giant and the rest of Bernheim Forest can be visited 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to sunset.