Love is in the Air at Pizza Expo with a Proposal

Jay Hansji took the opportunity to suggest to his wife Manisha all through a Marqii exhibitor presentation at Pizza Expo final 7 days in Las Vegas. And she explained, “Yes!” Jay and Manisha very own Pizza Buzz in Fort Worthy of, Texas.

The few have been married for 20 a long time by means of an arranged relationship and it was Manisha’s dream to have an formal proposal and marriage ceremony. Jay manufactured that desire occur true as he sat on a panel discussion at the exhibitor presentation. Jay also astonished his wife by traveling in their little ones and his wife’s mom for the exclusive occasion.

The joyful news ongoing as Jay took 3rd position in the Non-Traditional Division at the Global Pizza Challenge later that working day with a Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza. Congratulations to the happy pair.