Let’s Whip Up Disneyland’s Peppermint Marshmallow Wands!

From time to time, I’ll appear across a recipe that I squirrel away for just the correct celebration. Today’s recipe is a person of those people exclusive help you save-it-til-we-definitely-will need-it kinds. We’re channeling a little bit of Disneyland magic for Saturday Snacks right now, and it’s not just Disneyland magic, it is Disneyland through the vacations magic. The very greatest form, right?

You and I have designed a few unique variations of Disney park marshmallow wands above the previous 21 months. There have been chocolate and mini M&M-covered marshmallow wands, and far more a short while ago, Disneyland’s Churro Toffee Wands. More than the a long time in the Disney parks, I would gaze longingly at treats like the marshmallow wands in the refrigerated confection circumstance, but would never in fact halt and obtain a single. That finished a pair of years ago when I acquired my first mini M&M marshmallow wand in Magic Kingdom’s Big Best Treats. 3 jumbo marshmallows included in caramel, chocolate, and sweet? Sure, please. And twice on Sunday.

Disney’s marshmallow wands have a way of producing us join with the children in all of us, and the joy that they convey is contagious. Share a marshmallow wand with a pal, and check out their deal with light-weight up. This kind of was the situation when I whipped up Marceline Confectionery’s Peppermint Marshmallow Wands at Disney’s Previous Vital West Vacation resort 3 weeks back. Fiasco was the cameraman for the recipe’s vlog (produced earlier this early morning), and, when I produced them, he jumped in to assist unwrap the peppermints and get them prepared. He also jumped in to aid gobble up the marshmallow wands when I invited him to when almost everything was mentioned and finished. These amazing minimal treats just have a way of unlocking our inner boy or girl, which is in particular fantastic all through the holiday getaway season.

I have realized to maintain peppermint candies on hand and at the completely ready at all times. You just hardly ever know when you are going to require them. You can get a maintain of sweet canes instead quickly this time of year, but when it’s not the vacation time and you have a hankering for all items peppermint, all those candies hanging out in your pantry will be your BFF.

The substances for today’s recipe are incredibly easy and uncomplicated to come across in any grocery keep no matter whether it is yours at property or the Publix down the street from Walt Disney Entire world. And earning these treats in a Disney Trip Club villa was very uncomplicated as effectively the pots, pans and utensils essential were being by now in the villa’s kitchen. As I stated previous 7 days and the 7 days just before, I did bring my established of measuring cups and measuring spoons from house. If you’re going to be being in a DVC villa, these simple products from residence can be quickly tossed in your suitcase and introduced along for the experience.

We’re to decide up two jars of warm caramel for this recipe. When you are standing there in entrance of the ice product toppings at the keep, pay shut focus to which caramel you put into your cart. There are possible two styles of caramel sitting on that grocery retailer shelf: caramel and hot caramel. We will need the hot caramel wide variety when it will come to re-producing Disney’s marshmallow wands.

We also want a 10-ounce bag of darkish melting chocolate (Ghirardelli, how we enjoy thee) and eight substantial lollipop sticks. If you are clean out of lollipop sticks, sturdy drinking straws can also in good shape the monthly bill.

Initially factors initially: you and I need to unwrap our candy canes or peppermint candies and get them crushed. Fiasco and I stood at the counter unwrapping peppermint candies and placing them in a freezer baggie until finally we felt like we experienced what could amount of money to 1 cup crushed. I then took the tackle of a butter knife to that freezer baggie and crushed the peppermint candies as best I could. I also ended up placing an more freezer baggie close to the original a person since peppermint sweet dust started coming out of the little holes made in the facet of the initial bag by the shards of peppermint sweet. Oops.

As soon as I experienced the peppermint crushed and ready to go, it was time to transform my notice to the two jars of warm caramel. I poured the caramel into a small sauce pan and brought it up to temp about medium-lower warmth. You and I are to hold that caramel heat while it waits for our marshmallow wands, so my suggestion is to change it to small and hold an eye on that sauce pan.

I following dipped the end of a lollipop stick in an inch of drinking water and skewered a few marshmallows onto the adhere. If you start out placing the marshmallows onto the adhere working with the moist end, people marshmallows will slide suitable on without supplying you considerably fuss at all.

The moment you and I have marshmallows on all eight lollipop sticks, it’s time to roll them gently through the sizzling caramel. I tipped the sauce pan on its facet just a little bit to get all three of the jumbo marshmallows carefully lined in the incredibly hot caramel.

A stage that you and I will need to make confident that we do is to give the sizzling caramel a chance to drip off of the marshmallow wands. If we retain all of the sizzling caramel on the marshmallows, they’ll have a truly hard time setting, and they’ll transform out becoming definitely gloppy (technical time period). I gently tapped the marshmallow wand on the side of the sauce pan and tried to diligently let the surplus caramel drip back again into the pan. Once all eight marshmallow wands ended up covered, I positioned them on a piece of parchment paper to set. I strike the timer for 30 minutes and walked away, hoping that they would do what they essential to.

Soon after 30 minutes, the caramel had completed far more of a tender established than a respectable full established. If you have further time and want to allow for the caramel to harden just a little bit more, strike the timer for a few additional minutes. Tolerance will be your good friend here.

Although the wands were being setting up, I grabbed a further sauce pan and melted the dim chocolate. The critical in this article is to hold that chocolate warm, so be sure to maintain everything on a pleasant, very low heat.

When your caramel gets to the stage in which you are satisfied with it, you can roll your marshmallow wands via the dim chocolate. I did this action unbelievably very carefully, and tried my finest to get as a lot of the extra darkish chocolate off of each and every wand as probable.

The recipe now asks that we roll the chocolate-covered wand via the crushed peppermints. And this is where by I have knowledgeable the wheels coming off of the wagon in the past when producing marshmallow wands. Sigh.

Regrettably, this recipe was no distinctive. We are not questioned to make it possible for the chocolate to dry in advance of rolling them by the peppermint, which would make feeling we wanted the peppermint to stick to the marshmallows. But, by rolling the wands directly into the sweet, clumps of chocolate and peppermint are remaining in the bowl. And you and I are left with only four chocolate peppermint marshmallow wands before the peppermint sweet is to the position of not being equipped to be used.

Ultimately, I was okay with only getting four peppermint wands. That being mentioned, I feel that I’ll consider following time to divide the peppermint sweet up into two batches with one particular batch of candy remaining for the initially 4 wands and the next batch currently being for the past four. I’m hoping it’ll do the job, but if not, it was it was worth a shot.

As soon as I experienced as considerably crushed peppermint covering the dim chocolate as humanly attainable, I put the marshmallow wands on a sheet of parchment paper to established. The recipe tells us that it should only consider 15 minutes. Do not feel the recipe. Bless its heart, it lies. These wands will will need extra than 15 minutes, so settle in. Or thoroughly clean up the kitchen. Or make one more snack. Ahem.

Our future move is to enjoy our Peppermint Marshmallow Wands. Think it or not, with all of the snack-producing exciting that was occurring in that DVC villa, I did not chomp into my marshmallow wand till afterwards that evening. And pals, it was accurately what I wanted it to be: two of my pretty favored flavors coming together to build a common holiday break handle.

This recipe would be a great one to generate a minor Disney holiday getaway enjoyment in your kitchen this weekend. Have minimal ones all around? Recruit them. They are the great sous chefs for the snack. On your personal? These marshmallow wands are yours and yours by yourself (insert evil genius cackle here). Retail outlet them in your fridge to hold them new until finally you’re prepared to appreciate them. 

I’m not kidding when I say that it was many years prior to I attempted my very first marshmallow wand in a Disney park. Income doesn’t improve on trees, and when you are a snack-minded personal, you definitely want to obtain them all, do not you? And you just can not. My tips to you for your subsequent journey to a Disney park is to obtain a marshmallow wand. Get a cute picture of that marshmallow wand, a selfie of you feeding on the marshmallow wand, and savor every single chunk. Till you upcoming stage foot in a Disney park, whip ‘em up at home. They are just as fantastic.

If you make a decision to make the Peppermint Marshmallow Wands, please enable me know in the comment segment beneath so I can celebrate with you. Thanks so substantially for halting by and offering this a study. I hope that your holiday getaway year is off to a excellent start, and if not, these marshmallow wands are below to modify the narrative. They’ll switch any day close to. Assured.

All set to whip up a very little Disney parks magic in your personal kitchen? The recipe for the Peppermint Marshmallow Wands is below:

Marceline’s Confectionery – Downtown Disney District – Disneyland Vacation resort


Tends to make 8
• 2 (12 ounce) jars sizzling caramel topping
• 8 huge lollipop sticks
• 24 large marshmallows
• 1 (10-ounce bag) dim melting chocolate
• 1 cup crushed peppermints (15 sweet canes, crushed)


  1. Melt caramel in medium saucepan in excess of medium-lower heat. Hold warm.
  2. Dip 1 finish of each and every lollipop stick in 1 inch of water. Skewer 3 marshmallows on to every adhere, setting up at the damp finish.
  3. Dip marshmallows into caramel, carefully tapping to clear away surplus caramel and area on parchment paper. Amazing caramel at room temperature for 30 minutes, until finally caramel is established.
  4. Soften darkish chocolate in medium saucepan around lower warmth. Preserve warm.
  5. Location crushed peppermint in shallow bowl.
  6. Dip caramel-coated marshmallows into melted dark chocolate, carefully tapping to remove surplus chocolate. Gently roll wand in crushed peppermint area on clear parchment paper. Repeat for all wands.
  7. Cool at space temperature for 15 minutes, right until chocolate is set.

Resource: Disney Parks Blog