Let’s Talk About the Iconic Symbols of Walt Disney World

I was a baby of the sixties. I was born in 1959 (place absent the psychological math, individuals. I’m 63 years aged) and was a person of six. 3 boys, 3 ladies. Believe Brady Bunch besides we weren’t blended. We lived in the nation in upstate New York and our times, particularly summer months times, ended up filled with journey, exploration and discovery.

After functioning all-around the fields and forests and streams all week behind our dwelling, Sunday evening was bath night time – regardless of whether we needed it or not. We shared the same h2o. By the 3rd kid the h2o would be chilly, and I suspect the last child came out dirtier than they went in.

Once we were being all *cough* clean, we’d collect in the dwelling room, some on furnishings, some on the floor, with a Sunday handle, a bowl of ice product, in our laps. We were in position in front of our massive console television at the similar time every single Sunday. With the channel set to ABC, remaining commercials aired, and 7:00 pm came close to, The Superb Entire world of Disney would occur on. There, in entrance of us – in Technicolor, brain you – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle would appear. We’d view as fireworks went off all-around the castle and then Tinker Bell would circle around the Television set display, touching her wand for explosions of colour on the evening sky. Someone on the demonstrate, possibly even Walt Disney himself, would announce “The Wonderful Earth of Disney.”

To this day, each time I see any Disney princess castle, that memory flashes in my thoughts. There are so lots of symbols that evoke thoughts and fantastic reminiscences of Walt Disney Globe. When I’m leafing via a magazine and catch sight of a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on an ad. Seeing tv and an ad comes on that exhibits Spaceship Earth or the monorail.

And not just visuals. Even music. I need to have only to listen to the initially 3 notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star” to have that track trapped in my head for the rest of the working day. Facet take note: I selected Steve Tyrell’s edition of “When You Wish” for my Daddy-Daughter dance at my younger and similarly most loved daughter’s wedding reception.

And not just music…the Magic Candle Company relies upon on your evoking Walt Disney Planet recollections by way of their huge collection of Disney-themed scented candles.

These are the matters that trigger a Disney reaction.

To me, Disney is about visuals. Just pay attention to Imagineers talk about “forced perspective” and you know visuals are essential to the Disney practical experience. The shapes, colours, and even down to the selection and element of uniforms the solid members use will catch my eye.

And the parks have their personal symbols to stand for them. EPCOT has Spaceship Earth, Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Everyday living, Magic Kingdom has Cinderella Castle, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios has… has… a, uh, hmmm… a experience?

Probably the powers-that-be were being pondering that the premier or most popular composition in the park would act as its icon. But if that were being the scenario, Magic Kingdom would have Place Mountain as its image. Animal Kingdom would have Expedition Everest. Spaceship Earth in EPCOT is an iconic symbol with the extra profit of a trip inside of, but if that experience was at any time taken absent, the geodesic dome would still be entirely correct as EPCOT’s icon.

These are all visible representations of their respective parks.

Currently, I’ve noticed the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (TZToT) experience as a image of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS). I’m not absolutely sure if which is very long-term pondering. As is usually the situation, rides get changed. Granted, the immensity of the TZToT structure is noticeable, and it is tough to envision something else having its location, but it just doesn’t feel appropriate as a symbol of the park that will endure the take a look at of time.

Without having an legendary image, DHS appears to be to absence identity. It is lacking an identity like the other parks at Walt Disney Planet.

I know I’m going to acquire some warmth for this, but I regret the final decision that was made to remove the Sorcerer’s Hat from DHS back again in 2015. The hat was legendary. It normally caught my eye. I liked the hues. It was immediately recognizable. It was a handy fulfill-up issue simply because it was just about at the hub of the park.

And it fit the entire theme of the park, which is an immersive amusement expertise in movie, tv, tunes and theatre. The Sorcerer’s Hat comes from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment in Walt Disney’s 1940 movie, Fantasia. It represented artistic vitality in a formative time in Disney’s previous as it was venturing into relatively uncharted territory of whole-length animated functions. It experienced just Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs and Pinocchio before it.

The Sorcerer’s Hat stood at the park’s hub in between 2001 and 2015. Before that, when the park was recognized as Disney-MGM Studios, the park’s icon was the Earffel Tower, a pleasurable non-purposeful h2o tower sporting Mickey Mouse ears that was intended to emulate the functional water tower at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. The symbolism is noteworthy. The Earffel Tower was taken out in 2016 and has considering that been relocated to Disneyland Paris.

Exactly where did the hat end up? If Disney doesn’t require it, it’s possible it’ll match in my yard? I’ll communicate to the neighbors. They’ll get used to it.

You may not concur with me about the Sorcerer’s Hat and which is correctly great. You may well like the TZToT or have a better strategy for the park’s icon. I’m not going to belabor the position. It is been seven years. The hat is long gone. It will not return. But you can wager that the alternate reality that performs out within my head has all of the Walt Disney Planet park symbols, and I use them usually as connectors to those superb ideas and reminiscences of my past.

And the Sorcerer’s Hat is prominently displayed in the center of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I won’t let any person contact it.