Let’s Make Pandora – World of Avatar’s Pongu Lumpia!

Delighted Saturday, anyone! Now delivers a few of firsts below in the realm of all things Saturday Snacks. To begin with, I am going to be building this weekend’s recipe from the a short while ago posted Delish Loves Disney. Having my palms on a new selection of Disney parks recipes normally tends to make me really pleased, and I’m making the most of the Delish spin on items. The recipes are very well-organized and particular Disney experiences of the Delish workforce are scattered during. It gave me hope that absolutely everyone included truly knew what they were conversing about Disney recipe-intelligent.

Secondly, I will be trying my to start with go at a address from Pandora – Environment of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Ever considering the fact that very first stepping into Pandora in the course of the land’s tender opening, I’ve been enchanted by its other worldliness. From term go, Pandora’s foods alternatives had been a reduce above what you and I uncovered in the other Walt Disney Globe parks. Thankfully, you and I can now nibble on solutions that rival these discovered in Pandora that have popped up in the a long time because in other places throughout Disney assets.

Even though I am normally drawn like a moth to a flame to Satuli Canteen for my beloved Cheeseburger Pods when in Pandora, there was a person enthusiast-preferred snack that I would hardly ever experienced, and, as it turns out, it’s the extremely snack that you and I will be producing nowadays: the Pongu Lumpia.

The Pongu Lumpia can be observed at the land’s wander-up bar, Pongu Pongu. When the snack debuted, it was offered as two scaled-down lumpia with a selling price tag that hovered all around $6. Currently, guests are served one much larger lumpia for $3.49. And, as a side observe, just in scenario the lumpia lands on your ought to-eat checklist for your future Disney Globe vacation, may I also counsel pairing it with a Night time Blossom? The Night time Blossom is a pear-flavored non-alcoholic slushy topped with boba balls that is, on a hot Disney working day, divine. Careful it will also induce a sugar hurry, but it will be so value it.

As you might’ve guessed, I produced my way to Pandora 1 afternoon this week to savor what others have named an wonderful snack. I would be the choose of that, and choose I did. The lumpia was not as fried as I believed it would be (the Delish recipe phone calls for them to be fried to a golden brown), and I figured that that might just fluctuate with each and every batch. What I observed within of that evenly-fried spring roll wrapper was a ton of cream cheese and diced pineapple. And the two built for fairly a special, sweet, and rather mild snack. It was gooood.

My very first mission when organizing via generating the Pongu Lumpia was to monitor down spring roll wrappers. My grocery store experienced flour-centered egg roll wrappers, but I required rice-based mostly spring roll wrappers for the recipe. Fortunately, Walmart sells a spring roll package that consists of six spring roll wrappers. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, appropriate? I grabbed two of individuals kits and rolled to the sign up.

It was my objective this weekend to retain the general elements list to a minimum amount, so the lumpia recipe was ideal up my alley. 1 block of softened product cheese, 2 cups of fresh new diced pineapple (manufactured considerably less complicated by the pre-cored selection at the grocery retail outlet), a bit of water, and granulated sugar was all that was named for. Sounded good to me. Oh, and oil. You and I will need to have an inch of oil in the base of a skillet to fry the lumpia. So be positive to grab a even bigger bottle. Far better to have more than not sufficient.

My initially action was to established the block of product cheese out on the counter to soften. My next was to get that pineapple diced. Thanks to my devoted buddy, Google, I verified that just one pound of new pineapple yields close to 1 cup of diced pineapple. Throw that main absent (or, as Google prompt, use it for smoothies), and get to chopping. Indeed, this course of action took a little bit, but it was simple operate, and I enjoyed building confident that the pineapple parts had been awesome and small.

My subsequent stage was to unwrap the rice paper wrappers and try to figure them out. The recipe asks for us to maintain the wrappers protected with a soaked paper towel to keep them from drying out. That’s our to start with word of warning, friends. These minor toddlers are a little bit fragile and a tad finicky. They felt like thick vellum paper, and, if they usually are not adequately damp, when you consider to fold or bend them, they are going to crack. And you may be discouraged. Trust me.

I located that though the recipe tells us to damp the final element of the wrapper just after folding the lumpia in order to produce a seal, if I stopped and brushed the perimeter of the total wrapper, it was a great deal less difficult to perform with and much less likely to crack. So, when you pull out a wrapper to begin developing a lumpia, have a tiny bowl of drinking water and a pastry brush at the ready. You’re gonna have to have it. Sanity is a great factor.

I chopped the block of softened product cheese into 10 equivalent parts as instructed and positioned just one onto the initially spring roll wrapper.

As I began spreading the softened cream cheese on the to start with wrapper, it became speedily evident to me that this was a task for my offset icing spatula. Aspect note: I have seemed longingly for twenty-seven many years at offset icing spatulas. I only a short while ago bought a single. Why in the LITERAL World did it take me so prolonged? It really is the best 7 bucks I think I’ve ever used on a kitchen gadget. It has a kajillion utilizes. Daily life is limited. Buy the spatula. Industrial in excess of.

Working with the spatula, I spread the product cheese as evenly as I could.

I positioned a few tablespoons of diced new pineapple on top rated of the cream cheese, and then sprinkled half of a teaspoon of granulated sugar on top rated of that. I then brushed h2o all over the edges of the wrapper and started rolling the wrapper from one particular aspect towards the middle.

It quickly became obvious that, though the powers that be at Delish and Disney want us to use 3 total tablespoons of diced pineapple, if your spring roll wrappers are on the smaller facet, you could want to knock the total down by fifty percent a tablespoon or so. Which is what I did shifting forward, and I was happier for it.

As you roll the lumpia, be positive to tuck in the sides of the wrapper, and when you’ve got reached the other side, make certain that the edge is awesome and damp in purchase to seal the whole matter.

I put my rolled lumpia on a baking sheet included with parchment paper seam aspect down. Continue creating and rolling your lumpia until finally all 10 are lying in wait around on your baking sheet. I should say that I bought greater at rolling the lumpia as I went. Variety six was my very best, bless its heart. If you have edges that crack, really don’t tension just use a little excess h2o and tuck all those edges in.

We now need to have to muster up a large amount of persistence individuals lumpia need to have to chill out (practically) in the freezer for at minimum 4 several hours, and up to overnight. I carefully transferred my minor lumpia to a baking sheet that would match into my freezer (many thanks a bunch, men and women who created the oh-so modest facet-by-facet freezer. Not.), and went to Animal Kingdom to try out the real matter.

Pandora’s lumpia are packed with product cheese. Packed. And nice, diced chunks of pineapple are tucked lovingly within. It was a excellent snack, and I had higher hopes for the lumpia that were being hanging out in my freezer.

Owing to the relaxation of the evening’s timing, I permit the lumpia hang out in the freezer till the up coming early morning. Here’s in which matters acquired difficult: we are to deliver an inch of oil up to 350 degrees and fry the frozen lumpia for 3 minutes on each aspect. Close friends, this is less complicated reported than done. I pulled my preferred skillet out of the cupboard and poured in an inch of oil. I grabbed my sweet thermometer and little by little brought the oil up to the right temp.

Now, I may perhaps not know all of the kitchen area issues, but I do know that introducing frozen matters to very hot oil can be dicey. When the oil was up to 350 degrees, I cautiously put 4 lumpia into the oil. As you may well have guessed, the oil popped and spewed just a little bit, and, sad to say, the lumpia immediately turned a a lot further shade of brown than I needed them to. Sigh.

I pulled the lumpia out of the oil and drained them on a paper towel-lined plate. If, at this level, your lumpia are the color that you would like them to be, you can roll them in the remaining sugar and gobble them up.

I opted to flip the heat down and test issues yet again. I dropped two new lumpia into the considerably cooler oil and tried out once more. They arrived out improved, but continue to just a bit darker than I desired. Dear mate, I then proceeded to pull out two supplemental skillets and use different quantities of oil to check out to get the lumpia to appear out just a shade lighter, with very combined benefits. I made the decision to simply to roll (pun meant) with what I had.

I rolled the heat lumpia in the sugar, lower into a person, and appreciated each individual bite. No joke. These excellent very little issues ended up just that: wonderful.

They weren’t rather as chock-entire of cream cheese and had much more pineapple than the in-park variation, but all those levels can be modified in the foreseeable future as will need be.

I have a sensation that if you have a FryDaddy at-dwelling deep fryer in your cabinet, you will have it manufactured in the shade. A FryDaddy would make sure that the oil retains its temp and that the lumpia are fried evenly on all sides. I could possibly be adding one to my Xmas list.

And my hubby had the assumed that perhaps popping them into the air fryer would operate, which is a thing I consider I could possibly want to try in the potential.

Whilst they will not quite glance like the photo in Delish Enjoys Disney, they were being indeed tasty.

Whichever adventures await you this weekend, may well they be sweet and crammed with times of joy. I’m grateful for you, and I am so pleased that you stopped by to give Saturday Snacks a browse. Acquire great treatment, mates!

If you might be new to Saturday Snacks, be absolutely sure to click right here to capture up on all of the hijinks and mayhem that have ensued as a result significantly.

All set to check out Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Pongu Lumpia? The recipe is under:


Can make 10

  • 10 spring roll wrappers
  • A single (8-ounce) block product cheese, softened
  • 2 cups diced refreshing pineapple
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar, divided
  • Oil for frying
  1. Prep Pan: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or silicone baking mat.
  2. Prep Wrappers: Diligently independent spring roll wrappers. Deal with wrappers with a moist paper towel to avoid drying.
  3. Prep Filling: Cut softened product cheese into 10 equivalent items.
  4. Assemble Lumpia: Put a single spring roll wrapper on the slicing board. Position 1 piece of product cheese in a middle and spread evenly on wrapper leaving a 3/4-inch border around the edges. Increase 3 tablespoons of diced pineapple and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.
  5. Roll Lumpia: Roll one edge of the wrapper toward the center. Fold in the two sides and go on rolling. Moisten the edge with drinking water to seal the lumpia. Repeat with remaining spring roll wrappers.
  6. Freeze Lumpia: Spot lumpia on a geared up baking sheet and freeze for 4 several hours or right away.
  7. Fry Lumpia: In a skillet, cautiously warmth 1 inch of oil to 350°F. Cautiously include lumpia to pan and fry until golden brown, three minutes per aspect. Drain on paper towels. Roll in remaining sugar ahead of serving.