‘Last to ride’ alert for Wildcat at Hersey Park

Hersheypark tweeted a last-to-ride alert to give coaster fans a chance to ride Wildcat before it closes on July 31, 2022. The tweet also hinted that details about Wildcat’s replacement would be coming later this year.

Photo courtesy of Hershey Park

The classic wooden roller coaster opened at the Hershey, Penn. park on May 26, 1996, and offers riders a bird’s eye view of the Midway America area as they race over hills, bumps, and turns at speeds of 45 miles per hour.

Last to ride alert! 🚨
Wildcat will close Sunday, July 31 so be sure to visit this month for one final ride. Any suggestions on what we could do with 3,100 feet of wooden track?

Stay tuned for details later this year. pic.twitter.com/ut8aRmfhat

— Hersheypark (@Hersheypark) July 8, 2022

Click here for information about visiting Hersheypark, and if you can’t make it to Pennsylvania by the end of the month, check out the Wildcat ride video below.