Jumanji – The Adventure ride opens at Gardaland on April 9, 2022

Jumanji – The Adventure at Gardaland Resort in Italy brings the movie to life, marking the world’s first ride themed to the popular “Jumanji” film series.

Photos and concept art by Gardaland

During their adventure, riders will experience 14 segments, starting with a preshow themed as an archeological dig, which sets the scene for the journey to come.

Multi-motion off-road vehicles take adventurers on a mission to lift a curse by returning a jewel to a shrine deep in the jungle.

The story is enhanced by audio and video effects as the vehicle spins and rolls along the track, simulating the effects of a bumpy off-road journey.

Stone Giantjumanji the attraction scenesSpiders and off-road vehicle

Along the way, explorers follow a mandrill fleeing amid the rocky terrain, come face to face with a massive hippo, tangle with a snake, and narrowly escape an attack by the jungle’s enormous Stone Giant.

A temporary retreat into a cave lets riders catch their breath, but the Stone Giant doesn’t give up easily.

The chase is on again as riders plunge past tangled webs of venomous spiders before finally reaching the temple. Success is near, but so is the Stone Giant.

Will the mission succeed or fail? It remains to be seen.

Park guests who would like to stay in the story with an overnight visit can experience one of four Jumanji-themed rooms at Gardaland Hotel.