Is Walt Disney World Becoming too Commercial?

As I enter the Magic Kingdom and stroll down Principal Avenue, U.S.A, I detect a extended line stretching from the Principal Road Bakery, all the way down the sidewalk. I’m struck with curiosity. What is likely on right here? Is it a distinctive character meet up with and greet? Perhaps even an early line forming for guests to snag their most loved place to observe the afternoon parade? No. It’s the line for Starbucks Coffee. And just like that, I’m taken out of the fantasy and brought again into the actual entire world. It’s the real world that I exclusively came right here to stay clear of for as extensive as my wallet will let. As I go the entrance, I can’t help but assume to myself that we do not need this. Potentially a lot more properly, we never want this. I know this case in point may possibly seem to be a bit arbitrary, but I just cannot get it out of my head. Within the bakery, I gaze at the menu littered with Starbucks drink titles and trademark logos displayed like a stamp of acceptance allowing Disney the correct to sell their brand name. These trademark logos tattooed throughout the board come to feel somewhat intrusive. As if my fortress of fantasy has been penetrated by actuality. I guess possessing a Starbucks on Principal Road, U.S.A is somewhat poetic. An all as well actual reflection of firms muscling their way on to the main streets of The us. The extensive line of buyers acting as the public’s willingness to play alongside. Even though, I didn’t come below for a practical view of our daily lives. I arrived below to escape day-to-day life with a small enable from some Disney magic.

I’m not absolutely naive. I recognize the business enterprise motive powering these styles of selections. Money. Professional branding, large motion picture qualities, and a broader appeal to the normal public appear to be like a confident wager for a affluent fiscal long run. However, as a faithful typical, I have to speculate. At what value? 

As a kid, I remember my interactions with solid associates as becoming a single of the vital parts that built the Disney variation I fell in enjoy with. Now, people unique interactions appear to be dwindling. It’s not a criticism of the caliber of forged members these days. It is much more a reflection of how a lot of company are now circulating the parks on a every day foundation. This example is even more illustrated by visitor’s the latest accounts of much better services and much better cast member interactions throughout their COVID limited-potential visits. The range of company they intention to pack into the parks now seems to have manufactured it impossible for the solid associates to give just about every of us that minor exclusive attention that we employed to get. A whole lot of them seem to have the frame of mind of “let’s hold this train rolling.” Make sure guests queue effectively and effectively. Make absolutely sure they shell out up and get out as speedily as doable from their preferred dining spots. And, for the love of God, really don’t get as well lengthy using your photograph with Mickey. It’s built to come to feel as if the forged users are just there to make absolutely sure that we remain in line and retain going. Unfortunately, I imagine this is an response to the query I posed earlier mentioned. As they commercialize far more, we get significantly less. My most new visits have began to truly feel like “get in, empty your wallet, and get out”.

I preserve going for walks. All the way back to Tomorrowland. Though a little bit out-of-date in its decor, this is nonetheless a unique and original development that expertly displays Walt’s vision of the long run. I marvel at the sight of my favorite mountain. Room Mountain. Gleaming in the distance as a one of a kind promissory take note that we’re not in Kansas any more. To the still left, I detect a new attraction currently being crafted with 1 big phrase stretched across the design barrier Tron. Now, here I am once more. Pulled absent from the special fantasy and pushed back into the genuine environment with major motion picture titles. The coaster alone seems superb, but I have issues on the lookout past the (insert big film title below) branding. Like it or not, this appears to be to be the long term of Disney Earth attractions and refurbishments. It feels like a considerably desperate attempt to enchantment to the typical public with large names that they can discover with. To me, it feels like the loss of life of artistic integrity and originality. The exceptional Disney storylines highlighted in their rides seem to be on their way out the door to make way for the up coming summer season blockbuster.

I’m not stating the magic is all gone. I even now like Disney Environment. I commonly find myself preparing my future journey on the airplane journey house. I merely want to level out the commercially inspired modifications that I have witnessed just lately and why they get worried me for the potential. Disney Planet has usually been the definition of inventive results with its skill to entertain, educate, and inspire friends of all ages. At its main is originality, unbeatable shopper assistance, and dedication to the price of artwork. For now, let’s just phone that main magic. It is the basis to which anything else is layered on. Without the need of it, very little is effective. As we go ahead, I hope we embrace the future with out losing that magic.