Is MagicBand+ Worth it?

I’m not so certain about this one. On one hand, I feel the model is lovable, and I love all the various types they come in. I’m a sucker for a sweet MagicBand, primarily if it has interactive characteristics. On the other hand, my poor telephone battery endured.


There are some downsides to these new MagicBand+. They take in up your cellphone battery. When I was linking my band on My Disney Encounter, it told me that I had to transform on my Bluetooth to get the most out of my band. I did what the app informed me and turned on my Bluetooth. My cell phone battery was getting sucked quicker than fast. I hadn’t even interacted with just about anything however.

In this day in age, it is critical to have your cellphone totally billed at Disney. You simply cannot have a lifeless telephone with Genie+, Lightning Lanes and acquiring to use the app constantly for pretty much anything. With this extra to the blend, your phone’s battery will disappear quicker than ever.

Let’s talk about the upsides that I have witnessed so considerably. I Enjoy interacting with the Fab 50 statues. Now you will need to pack your endurance due to the fact it will acquire a couple of waves at the figure to get the reaction. I believe it’s due to the fact another person many individuals have been tests out their bands considering the fact that it was working day a person. If you just consider a second and wave a couple times, you will be positive to witness the conversation. Each statue has a distinctive response to a wave. You are going to know that you are close to a statue because the band will start off to vibrate to notify you. It’s like it tells you, “hey, appear up, you are approaching a exciting conversation.”

Now the pricing is critical to note. The fundamental bands, which have no styles, are $34.99. The bands with the amazing styles, the types we all want, are $44.99. I puzzled what the price tag distinction would be mainly because Disney’s wording was Setting up at $34.99. Do I consider these new MagicBands are dear? I do, but if you are another person that collects MagicBands or desires to be equipped to interact with the park far more, then certainly, it is worth it.

Will you be acquiring/working with MagicBand+ on your subsequent excursion to the parks? Enable us know!