Interactive theatre experience is a ‘Cheers’ parody for Halloween

“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody shows their fangs.” If you’re familiar with the hit sitcom “Cheers,” that slogan might seem a bit familiar. This twist on the classic theme song lyrics applies to the new interactive theatre production “Boston Bar Bloodsuckers” coming to Southern California. It’s comedic sitcom, meets vampires, meets murder mystery wrapped up in an interactive experience! Just in time for Halloween season!

Enjoy an evening with your favorite Boston sitcom vampire barflies! Say “Cheers!” and toss back a Blood Light, virgin daiquiri, or just a house red. You’ve been invited to celebrate the 200th birthday of vampire Queen Lilith, as well as the 30th anniversary of her officially turning everyone at the bar into vampires. As a local vampire yourself, you’ll celebrate with some rounds of speed dating (or Neckworking, as they call it), trivia, card games, and karaoke. Will the romantic sparks fly between on-again-off-again Dan and Liane? Will psychiatrist Franklin pontificate on a subject that confuses simple-minded Buddy? Will George ever get off his bar stool? As long as nothing goes horribly wrong, it should be a fun and relaxing evening! The stakes couldn’t be lower…

Presented by Cricklewood Immersive, “Boston Bar Bloodsuckers” will involve moments of interaction with actors, including looking for clues, taking notes, and questioning suspects. At the end, everyone will get a chance to vote for the killer, who will then finally be revealed. You’re encouraged to come dressed as your favorite vampire from pop culture, or pop your fangs in and be yourself – costumes and fangs not required.

Janson Lalich (Writer/Director) is previously known for writing and directing the virtual experience “The Sleepover,” an immersive middle-school sleepover on Zoom that won the 2020 No Proscenium Immersive Critics Awards for “Outstanding Achievement in Livestreamed Production” and the Audience Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Performance.” A former writer for The Walt Disney Company, his most recent projects include The Madcap Motel and The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience. 

The cast of Boston Bar Bloodsuckers features Sean Will, Jordana Lilly, Susan Louise O’Connor, Will McFadden, Dieterich Grey, John Gloria, Trip Langley, and Ona Zimhart.

Tickets are $50 for General Admission and $125 for VIP, each with complimentary cocktails included in purchase. Performances will be September 26th and 29th, as well as October 3rd, at 8:00pm at The Roguelike Tavern in Burbank, CA. Runtime is 90 minutes. Click here for tickets and more information.